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Ten Football Betting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Ten Football Betting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Betting on football is like a religion among fans. You can't expect to watch a game and have nothing riding on it; where is the fun in that? However, while the vast majority of punters that bet on the beautiful game are knowledgeable and smart, there are also some that go into the fixture without the adequate resources in order to fulfil the targets they have of winning big. Here are some of the factors that you need to try and avoid if you are to become the Lionel Messi or the football betting world.

Unknown Betting Websites

The first rule of joining a betting company would be to shop around and see where you can get the most for your money. You should look to sign up for a company that fulfils all your football needs and give you a generous welcome offer to do so. Not only this, but you should research the company before you sign up. If you have just come across a brand new bookmaker that you have never heard of before, but they have a welcome offer that is too good to be true; then research but it could turn out that the offer is too good and in fact, you will wind up losing more money than you win.


Of course, nothing comes close to putting on your weekend accumulator before all the games. It is a vital part of the weekend plans before sitting down and taking in all the action. However, you should bet very cautiously when it comes to these, and instead of opting for a 13-team accumulator maybe go for more quality in your bet and select three or four that you have thoroughly researched and put a more significant stake on this. It is a much smarter way of betting, and there is a better chance that you will be celebrating at the end of the day.


Everybody who bets on football wants the consistent flow of winnings. However, to do that the bets themselves should be consistent, and punters shouldn’t change their tactics or methods should one result not go the way you were hoping. Just remember that you will win some and you will lose some, but the most critical factor in winning more so than losing is by keeping true to your methods.

High probability on low odds

Sure this is a great way to win a bet but is it really worth it for the sake of such a small prize. Markets such as under 4.5 goals and betting on the heavy favourite are examples of this, but while it works for betting with huge stakes on these markets; it will go wrong eventually, and you will lose. It’s just a lazy way of betting which requires now research and die-hard football fans would never use this method.


Of course, you should get invested in your bet, but you shouldn’t bet on pure emotion. You should remove the narrative away from the game. For instance, should you look at Newcastle United facing Reading and you see Michael Owen is back in the starting line up after a long injury layoff. You emotionally would think that he is going to score. However, you should instead be thinking that Reading have a fine home record, and Owen will be off the pace and not able to finish the game. This is just one example, but you get the picture.

Trusting Experts

Everybody considers themselves a football expert, but really we just love the game. If an expert states that Liverpool have scored in each of their last 35 league matches then yes, of course, you should take it on board, but you should also double check the fact and see if that is really the case. If anything, the odds are more important than experts’ views.

Study Line Ups

This should be part of the research process, and you should examine players who are injured or suspended. If Chelsea and playing against Arsenal but there is an injury to Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang then the chances of Arsenal winning the game will be lowered since their main striker is injured. This is also the case with cup games. Punters should be aware that teams make lots of changes and mostly field a second string team.


The cash out function has revolutionised how we bet on football; most of it good but also some bad. The worst of which is that punters now grow tireless of waiting for one more team to win meaning that if they are one game away from winning £300 off a £10 bet, they will instead cash out for half of that just in case the last leg lets them down. You should trust your bet and let it roll; the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Favourite Teams

Fundamentally every football gambler is a fan firstly and then a punter. However, the amateurs get blinded by their allegiance to their club side and often bet on them to win. This is something that should never be the case, and there should be one easy to follow rule that should be placed on this; don’t bet on your favourite team.

One Bookmaker

This is another one which those of us who are big football gamblers are aware of. It is worth signing up to more than one sportsbook. This not only allows you to take advantage of various sign-up offers but most importantly, you can get the best odds for the bet that you want. This, in turn, ensures that you maximise your winnings.

Don’t bet on your favourite team