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How to predict football betting outcomes

How to predict football betting outcomes

Making a football betting prediction is far more nuanced than just going down a coupon and picking every favourite. Does the favourite in football betting odds win the match every single time?

No, of course not. Football wouldn’t give us as much excitement and tension as it does if that were the case. Besides, because of short odds, simply backing favourites isn’t a particularly sound financial approach to betting tips.

Gathering information

When it comes to making a football prediction for betting, unless you are married to Lady Luck and every random Premier League betting pick you make wins, then you are going to need to do a little bit of homework.

That’s especially true if you are targeting what all punters want, which is better odds. So gathering information and understanding football betting markets is the approach that is needed.

Pick the right matches

There is really little point in going to look at football betting selections from leagues that you don’t know or follow. If you regularly watch the Premier League matches in England then stuck with that.

If you read the match reports, pre-match previews and follow transfer news, use that as tools for your betting predictions. That working knowledge of a league, the teams’ strengths and weaknesses can help you with your bets.

Statistics and form

There has to be some study of statistics and form come into proceedings at some point. It’s inevitable. Even if that is looking at the recent home form, overall form from a team’s last six Premier League matches, or head-to-head records. Fortunately, statistics are easy to find, the task is putting it all together. Pick a few key ones to get to grips with first before expanding.

Build a strategy

When punters think of a football betting strategy, the first thing that jumps to mind is some complicated formula for bets. But a strategy for football bets could just be picking three away selections from football matches in England on a Saturday afternoon at odds of no bigger than 2/1.

A betting strategy can help manage your bankroll and to not make impulsive bets. While bigger, complicated betting strategies like the Fibonacci exist, there’s nothing wrong with small, personal football betting strategies.

Check the results

Does the past influence the future? If you think about a team which has won its last three matches, then that’s momentum. That’s current form from the past that may make that team a pick for you in their next fixture.

Similarly, look at the past results from your betting strategy to see what is working and what may need to be tweaked. Use the past to try and predict the future, it’s a viable element of making football tips.


The best odds

This one is the crux of it all. Punters want the best football betting odds available. That can take research too, with things like odds comparison tools being handy things. After studying stats, you want to ensure that all that work is worth it, by getting top odds and not seeing yourself have to settle for a selection at the bottom end of dropping odds.

Tipster expertise

Don’t want to go through all of that? Sure, we get that it can be time-consuming, reading stats and news and putting together a strategy.

Houdini Predictions provide the alternative, which is our expertly picked free betting tips. There are up to six free tips provided daily and that’s narrowed down from hundreds of leagues across the world. So that hard work has already been done for you.

Pre-match and free live in-play tips are available to read daily, our free tipster competition can give even further insights into a market, and one free registration on the site gets you all of that.

Lean on the knowledge of experts if you want to. It is all working towards the same goal of how to predict a football betting tip successfully.