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Handicap Betting

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Handicap Betting is a type of wager that increases the chances of the two teams winning a specific event. This is done by compensating one side to balance the chances of winning the game.

Let me put it better. Take a brief moment to imagine a soccer match where, clearly, a certain team is the favorite. What's the fun in betting on that? Maybe there are some other types of bets you could consider. But trying out handicap betting gives a different vibe. It helps to balance things out. You may just give the underdog a head start or the favorite a challenging obstacle to overcome. Now, that will be much fun.

Handicaps are used in scoring multitudinous games and dragon fire-breathing sports, like shogi, chess, go, bowling, golf, croquet, basketball, polo, and track and field events. They are well-known in clubs which encourage all situations of actors. You'll find them in swimming, cycling, and sailing clubs or sports that allow participants with different outfits. Frequently, bets, contests, or events where this practice is competitively employed are called Handicaps.

This article will walk you through the entire 'Handicap Betting' process. By the time you're done reading, you'll have a clear knowledge of everything related to Handicaps. And who knows? You might want to give it a shot at your bookmakers afterward.

What is a Football handicap bet??

Football is a popular sport that attracts bettors from the utmost areas of the world. This type of sport is not just famous for its competitiveness. It's as well known for its wide range of markets.

A football Handicap bet is  also called "point" or "line laying." It is used to even out the playing field between two unevenly matched teams.

If a provision for handicap has been effected and there's a match between Brighton & Hove Albion and Luton Town, Brighton would have a lower chance of winning over their weaker opponent when your bet is placed on Luton Town. Remember, though, that Brighton could easily cruise past Luton Town. And it would have been monotonous and predictable If the bookmaker did not place spreads.

Different Handicap Betting Markets

There are a handful of Handicap betting types available for bettors online. You need to get familiar with them to maximize your chances of success. They include the Asian, European, and Alternative Handicap. However, each Handicap betting market has its conformation and specifics. This, of course, might affect its uptake among wagerers. Here is  a list of the different Handicap betting markets, some pieces of information on them, and how they work;

Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap betting market is a standout player in this arena. It focuses on eliminating the possibility of a draw and challenges you to predict the winner and the margin by which they'll win. It's a playground for you if you're looking for a way to have more fun.

European Handicap

Unlike the Asian Handicap, the European Handicap gives room for versatility. It embraces the possibility of a draw without beefing you. European Handicap comes in handy in a situation where a football clash seems to be an evenly matched one.

Well, if Manchester City takes on Bayern Munich at the Etihad Stadium in the Champions League Semi-Finals, predicting the outright winner may be a bit of work. Let's say Man City is favored over Bayern Munich due to the former's home advantage, but you expect the match to be close. You could just give Bayern a +1 goal handicap (meaning they are ultimately a goal ahead at the start of the game). So, if the German team loses by one goal, draws, or wins the match, you've won your bet.

Similarly, you could stake your money on the English team with a -1 goal handicap. It means a goal will be removed from the total they have in the game. Thus, the English side must win against Bayern, even if it'd be by a goal margin.

Manchester City (-1), Bayern Munich (+1)

Bet Selection: Manchester City




You Win


Wager will be refunded


You lose

Bet Selection: Bayern Munich




You Win


You win


You lose

Alternative Handicap

Alternative handicaps bring an entirely different vibe to the table. While the other handicaps are set by Bookmakers, Alternative handicaps are customizable! You put and adjust the handicap by yourself based on your intuition. It gives you a special level of control over your wagers.

How are handicap bets presented?

Handicaps are shown in brackets right after the team's name. For example, let's say you're staking on a La Liga match between Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao. If the bookmaker declared a handicap of 1.5, you should see something like; Athletic Bilbao (1.5) vs. Sevilla (-1.5).

Bilbao is beginning the match with a 1.5  goal greater than their Spanish opponent's. And there wouldn't be a draw because the point is more than one goal but not two (it's a decimal). Also, Sevilla would need at least two goals to win if you place your bet on them.

With a +1.5 handicap, you might decide to wager on a win for Athletic Bilbao. It means they would either have to win the match or draw. They can even lose by just one goal (since they'll have a .5 ahead); easy peasy. Nonetheless, it always depends on what handicap betting market you opt for. European handicaps are different. And we've explained it earlier in this article.

No draw handicap match betting

No draw bet eliminates the option of a draw from a wager. The fact is, in football, there are no half-goals. So, as a gambler, you can place your bets on a home or down win. This means that if your predictions are correct, you win. However, if the game ends in a draw, your stake is returned since there's neither a win nor a loss.

For example, normally, say Lille and Montpellier have a home-and-down game, and you bet on Lille. In 1 × 2 betting, you have three results– you'll only cash in if Lille claims all three match points. And if  Montpellier wins or the game ends in a draw, you lose the bet.

But in a draw, no bet, you only get two results – if Lille wins, you cash in. If Montpellier wins, you walk away with nothing. You'll get your stake back if the game ends in a tie.

Handicap League betting

This is similar to regular handicap wagering. The difference, however, is that you stake a certain soccer club's performance (in any league) over a season.

The favorite team will have a zero advantage, while the other clubs will get odds according to the bookie's expectations of what their form will be like. This means that clubs are assigned handicaps based on their perceived strength. Weaker teams usually have higher advantages. You should note that Handicap League Betting is no piece of cake compared to normal handicaps. This is because you won't only give an advantage to the club side you stake on; it'll be applied to every other team in the league. They influence the overall league standings and add an extra layer of competition.

Asian Handicap Betting

The Asian Handicap Betting is a form of betting popularly used in football. It originated in  Indonesia and got its name due to its popularity in Asia.

Asian handicaps remove the possibility of a draw in a match, so the likely outcomes become two. This is why they are always represented in decimals (.5). As I said, football has no half-goals. A negative sign (-) is assigned to the preferred team, which has a handicap disadvantage, While a positive sign (+) is given to the underdog team, which has a handicap advantage.

The "positive" handicap is a head start given to the weaker team, which can be in the form of points, goals, or other scoring metrics, depending on the sport. Note that the handicap is determined by the bookmaker, who'll ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of the two teams in a match. The bookmaker takes into account factors like recent form, player injuries, and home advantage.

Let me give you this example; If it is assigned that Eibar is going to lose to Villareal by two goals, a handicap of +1.5 would be given to the team. This means that if you place a wager on Eibar and they lose by only one goal, you'll still win the bet. This is because the handicap of  +1.5 means that they effectively started the match with a 1½-goal head start. And there's never a possibility of a draw whatsoever.

What is the difference between handicap and spread betting

In handicap betting, the handicap is applied to the match's final score. In spread betting, the bookmaker will set a line which you can bet on. You will win; if it's below the line, you will lose; if the final score is above the bar. 

With handicap betting, the bookie simply assumes, 'I think Inter Miami will win by 2.5 goals more than LA Galaxy.

With spread betting, the bookmaker says, 'I  think Inter Miami will score more than LA Galaxy.

Spread betting is a bit more complex than handicap betting; it's just that it can be more profitable if you know what you're doing. If you are a newbie, you should stick to the Handicap bet.

Tips and Strategy Advice

As we've explained, handicap bets are one of the most popular forms of sports betting. It can also be tough sometimes when one does not know how to go about it. Below are the steps to take to become a profitable Handicap bettor.

Do your In-depth research

Check to see if the favorite team is missing any crucial players or if the killers are in a good run or form. This is important because the fact that a team is an overwhelming favorite to win the game doesn't mean they'll win as often as the bookmaker says they will.

So, gather enough information so as to find yourself a profitable bet on the underdog and have a massive win.

Make Multiple Bets or Try Full Cover Bets

Handicaps aren't always the same between bookmakers, so why limit yourself to just one? If you protect around all your available laying spots, you may be suitable to find yourself a more generous handicap, which means you're more likely to win your bet.

Be certain of your handicap

Always be apprehensive of the kind of handicap you wager on. You do know that if the result is a draw after the handicap is applied, you'll lose your bet If you're using an Asian handicap.

Always seek help from the client support team; they'll give you a complete explanation of any bets they offer on their sites.

Presume what the score lines could be

Handicap betting is not just about working out who'll win but also how points can be scored compared to the opponent. When you produce a  presumptive score for the game, you will see how it would reflect and affect the spreads set out by the betting sites.


Handicapped betting is an indispensable way to bet on certain events. I can't imagine being on the same track field with a professional 100m sprinter like Usain Bolt. If we run a hundred times, you should expect Bolt to win with a wide gap each time.

You won't want to bet on a boring race, and the odds will be far from intriguing. How about if you give me a 50m head start? It would make the sprint outgrowth harder to predict. Suddenly, it would be more exciting to wager on. Well, Kevin Hart once had a similar privilege against Bolt in a comic race. And the shorter and slower guy won.

That's just the way handicap betting works in all sports. You have to effectively give one outcome an advantage and the other a disadvantage to make things more even.

The main difference between Asian and European handicaps is that; In the Asian handicap, we have only two possible results, and In the European handicap, we have three possible outcomes to select from. Also, while the Asian handicap is listed by decimals, You'll find European handicaps represented with whole numbers.
No, it isn't. Handicap betting is also common in sports like Rugby, American Football, Tennis, Basketball, etc. Some bookmakers also use them in betting for racing events.
No draw Handicap match bets, Standard handicap bets and Asian Handicap bets, and so on.