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Moneyline/Win Bet

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In one way or the other, you must have stumbled on the word "Moneyline."  It is one of the easiest, most popular, and most basic ways of placing a wager in sports. It is not only simple enough for rookie sports bettors to understand and utilize properly, but it is also heavily used by professional sports bettors to rake in huge wins every time they bet.

It is a game that includes odds, and that requires you to pick the winner of a match. You are simply betting on the player or team you think will win a game. It is a straightforward bet that usually has two to three outcomes depending on the game. Your wager will almost always fall into one of these outcomes: a win, a loss, or a draw/draw no bet.

You do not need to worry about how many points a team wins or how many total points are scored. All that matters is the winner, so all you have to do as a bettor is stake on the winning side.

In this article, we'll break down the concept of Moneyline with the vibes of Carlo Ancelloti and the finesse of Pep Guardiola. You'll understand what it is, how to read it, and why it has always been a game-changer in betting.

How Do Moneyline Bets Payout?

The truth is, you must have at one time wondered how those numbers you bet on in Win bets translate into digital or hard currencies. It's not as hard to interpret as you might have thought. Pay attention to this; I've always seen Moneyline odds (and pretty much every other odds) as Lord Varys' whisperers. They simply reveal the favorite and the underdog. Negative numbers point fingers at the favorite, while positive ones are the underdog. Let me show you the payout formula using the American odds:

For favorites having negative odds (let's say -150), You need to bet $150 to earn a $100 profit. That will become $250 in total ($150 original wager + $100 payoff).

But, for underdogs with positive odds (say, +250), it's basically a high risk for big reward scenario. Betting $100 should earn you a $250 profit if they end up being upset to the 'big club.' You will have a swollen account with $350 total ($100 initial stake + $250 gain)

I'm sure the next time you set your eyes on those Moneyline odds now, you should know exactly how the numbers will dance to your favor.

How do you read a moneyline bet?

Let me set the record straight. The positive and negative signs you see are key to reading and interpreting a Win Bet. As I mentioned earlier, Negative numbers (-) expose the favorite teams, while positive numbers (+) show you the underdogs. In case you are confused after the last subheading, I believe what I'm about to explain will make things easier to comprehend.

Negative odds (Let me use -230 as an instance) tell you the amount you need to wager to win $100 profit. Read that again and again. Now, I'll give you a relatable example. Manchester United is about to play against newly-promoted Luton Town in a league match. Obviously, the Red Devils are the favorites, and Luton Town the Underdog. If you bet $230 on Man U with -230 odds, a win puts $330 in your pocket ($100 profit + $230 original bet). If you stake a quarter of $230, you should expect a quarter of $100 as profit. And if your wager is $460 (the double of $230), a win guarantees you a $200 profit (the double of $100). Is that easier to calculate now?

Now, let's talk about Positive odds. Say a +300 is the odds awarded to Luton Town; you'll earn a $300 gain on a $100 wager if they triumph. That will be a total of $400 ($100 original bet + $300 profit). So, if you bet $10, you'll earn how much gain? $30. Easy peasy. What if you bet $50? I believe you can read and calculate that yourself now.

Benefits of Moneyline Bets

It's high time we talked about the perks of trying out a Win Bet. Really, there's more to it than meets the eye. Go through the table below to see what you stand to get from a Moneyline wager:



It is Simple

You're focused on the winner alone. No spreads, no over/under, no handicap. Nothing else. It is a very straightforward wager type.

An Underdog can Win

Moneyline bets celebrate what I'll call 'Cinderella stories.' Staking on the underdog not only carries higher odds but also lets you root for a player or team no one (or only a few people) expects to win. So, taking a little risk can lead to a big reward.

Clear-Cut Payouts

The odds tell you exactly how much profit you should make for every amount you wager.

Favorites can be Sure Bets

Moneyline wagers allow you to support the likely winner without any fuss whatsoever. You're investing in a presumed triumph and reveling in the sweet taste of victory.

For What Sports Is the Moneyline Available?

The beauty of Moneyline lies in how it widely embraces several sports. It offers the chance to wager on winners in your favorites. Let's go through some of the arenas you can bet on:

Football (American)

Who doesn't like the touchdowns and tackles in American football? The sport is one of the popular ones that glow under the Moneyline spotlight. It could be NFL games, college clashes, and so on. Win Bets will let you predict the gridiron champions in games with the chance to make (or perhaps lose) some money.


I mean, if you're the type who so much loves and trusts LeBron James' Passing skills, Defensive ability, Unbelievable steals, intriguing rebounds, Slam dunks, and three-pointers, you might want to bet a Moneyline on his team Los Angeles Lakers in an NBA showdown. There are other teams you could wager on, of course. You might opt for a powerhouse or take a risk on an Underdog known for upsetting bigger clubs.


This is no doubt the world's most-followed sport. And there's no way it would escape the Moneyline charm. You can always wager on Leagues, Local tournaments, International tournaments, Pre-seasons, and lots more. Sportsbooks are always busy attending to soccer bets placed by enthusiasts every day. Who would have predicted that RB Leipzig would thrash a star-studded Bayern Munich team to win the DFL Supercup on Harry Kane's debut for the German Giant? Only a few risk-takers would have staked on Leipzig. That's why moneyline betting is so much fun in football.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Baseball, Tennis, Boxing, Golf, Horse racing, Hockey, and so on are a few other sports you can place a Moneyline wager on.

Understanding Favorites and Underdogs

Imagine a team or player striding onto the field with this confidence. That's a reflection of what favorites are like. They're the ones expected to win, backed by their strong track record, skillset, or recent performances. In Moneyline, favorites are always given negative odds. That's an indication of their status as frontrunners. The reason is that betting on preferred selections promises a higher chance of success but lower payouts due to the confidence surrounding their victory.

Now, let's imagine the underdog entering the scene with determination, hunger, and readiness to defy the odds. I can literally picture a Chelsea VS Barcelona match in 2012. The strong Barcelona team was the favorite, and a derailing Chelsea was the underdog. I digress.

Underdogs are the ones facing longer odds, often unpredictable. Betting on underdogs means you're backing a surprise victory. If they win, the rewards are bigger due to the elephants they bring to their knees.

So, understanding favorites and underdogs is more than you picking sides. You have to assess the odds, weigh risks, and make strategic moves. A savvy bettor knows when to follow the crowd and when to embrace the thrill of underdog surprises.

How to Calculate Moneyline Odds?

Win Bets odds in sports gambling always reflect what the bookmakers must have estimated as a team's or sportsman's likelihood of winning a match. They don't just put random numbers up there. Those odds you see are derived after they consider factors like teams' recent performance and form, historical data, player injuries, players market value, and of course, public opinions. The odds are usually designed to encourage balanced betting on either side. It ensures the bookmaker's profit regardless of the outcome. Who wants to lose in business, after all?

I concur that specific calculations might not be the same among sportsbooks. I mean, that's why the odds are not always the same. Nonetheless, those things I highlighted determine how Moneyline odds are set. I'll tell you a secret now. You see those numbers? They don't reflect only probabilities, actually. Truth is, they are more about the bookmaker's intention to profit.

Calculating Your Potential Payout

Yes. I've explained this multiple times in this article. But considering the complexity for newbies and seasoned bettors who need to figure out how it's calculated, I'll expound again. The numbers might seem like a puzzle initially, but breaking them down is simpler than you might think.

For favorites with negative odds, it's all about the ratio of how much you need to stake to win $100. Let's say you're eyeing a team with Moneyline odds of -150. It means you'd have to bet $150 to have a $100 profit. Check the formula to calculate your profit on a favorite below. It is straightforward:

Formula: (100 / Odds) × stake.

So, in the instance I gave before, it would be (100 / 150) × 150 = $100 profit.

Let's quickly imagine Inter Miami is playing against LA Galaxy, and a Lionel Messi-captained Inter Miami is the favorite. A sportsbook might give them an odd of -250. If you bet on Inter Miami to win, your potential profit is:




Potential Profit


(100 / Odds) × Wager

(100 / 250) × 50



(100 / Odds) × Wager

(100 / 250) × 20



(100 / Odds) × Wager

(100 / 250) × 150



(100 / Odds) × Wager

(100 / 250) × 380


There's a little modification to the calculations when it comes to underdogs. Underdogs are awarded positive odds to tell you how much profit you'll make on a $100 bet. For instance, if a French Ligue 1 side has Moneyline odds of +350, a $100 bet could net you $350 in profit.

Here's the formula:

 (Odds / 100) × stake.

In my prior example, it'll be (350 / 100) × 100 = $350 profit.

Now, let's say LA Galaxy, the underdog is awarded +320 Win Bet odd. Your potential profits will be like:




Potential Profit


(Odds / 100) × Wager

(320 / 100) × 50



(Odds / 100) × Wager

(320 / 100) × 20



(Odds / 100) × Wager

(320 / 100) × 150



(Odds / 100) × Wager

(320 / 100) × 380


The formulas are very easy to apply. And you can use them to calculate every potential payout. You can as well use a calculator instead.

Is There Juice on a Moneyline?

Juice, also known as vig or commission, is the extra bit sportsbooks take to keep the betting world spinning. It is the cut that bookmakers take for facilitating bets. That's literally their way of ensuring they don't go bankrupt, even if everyone bets on the same team. See it as a small entrance fee they squeeze from you when you wager with them.

You just logged in on your betting site. A Moneyline bet with odds of -110 piqued your interest, and you want to give it a shot. You will need to bet $110 to win a $90 profit, not the usual $100. That extra $10 is the juice to be squeezed out from your potential winnings.

Juice affects the odds and your potential payout. If the juice increases, your potential profit decreases. On the other hand, lower juice means a sweeter deal for bettors. This is why there are some efforts you might need to put in before wagering with a bookmaker. Different sportsbooks offer different juice percentages, which in turn impact your potential payout.


Now, you've just unlocked the secret language of Moneyline bets. Everyone assumes that it's too complex for human understanding. But this article has broken it down into teeny bits to let you know how easy it actually is. Understanding favorites and underdogs, calculating potential payouts, and knowing everything about juice is all you need to step into the Moneyline betting world confidently.

Always remember that Win bets are your gateway to predicting winners in different sports. You can decide to opt for football, basketball, soccer, combat, anything! It works the same way for all sporting events.

Yes, you can. Betting on underdogs is a way to make mouthwatering payouts if they win.
Most times, it's all about understanding how to strike a balance. Check the odds, research the team's form, and trust your guts. You can as well mix both favorites and underdogs in your bets for a well-rounded betting strategy.
Sure. You can combine your Moneyline bets with spreads, totals, and other bet types.