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Perfect Draw Predictions

Perfect Draw Predictions

How To Get Perfect Draw ?


The universal 1X2 format is the most popular among the bettors because it's quite simple and easy to grasp, and the outcome of the bet is determined only upon the conclusion of the match, which eliminates the risk of losing money in the first 45 minutes. Yet, this format has a downside, as the bookmakers often offer low returns on the Moneyline favorites, who draw the bettors' attention the most. 

The bettors often tend to overvalue the pre-match favorites, usually ending up with getting returns that offer small or virtually no value. The small odds are not worth making, but still attract more interest than the big ones, which is a common mistake the vast majority of beginners usually make. 

Meanwhile, equipped with all sorts of tools and advanced statistics, oddsmakers take numerous variables into account when determining the odds for one event, often relying upon various factors and previous records to pinpoint the betting lines. So, oddsmakers lean upon due diligence and maths when setting the odds, they are meticulous and often very accurate in their predictions. That’s why many bettors often find themselves chasing the ways to cover their losses instead of actually making money.

In the 1X2 pattern (also known as 3-way bets), a 'draw' has always been the most unpopular outcome among the bettors, as many normally expect one team to win, especially if they regarded as massive favorites ahead of the kick-off. But, in reality, betting on a draw as a possible outcome of a certain event can be quite profitable in the long run if the suitable tactics are applied.

Applying the dropping odds strategy could come in handy when selecting the matches that can end in a draw. Indeed, the period between the moment the bookmakers release initial odds on a particular play and the actual kick-off gives you enough time to assess all possible outcomes of the event by evaluating the odds movement. Usually, if the odds on both teams go up, it means there's a good chance that particular showdown can produce a draw, and that's where you find your chance of placing a winning bet.

While this may seem too risky at first, betting on a 'draw' actually offers a window of opportunity that could and should be taken advantage of. Outfitted with a particular set of skills and extensive experience in sports betting, we at are devoted to finding those matches that are likely to end in a stalemate for you. 

In addition to providing you with perfect draw predictions, we are also going to show you several strategies that can make this betting system quite fertile in the long run.



Perfect draw today Predictions
Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is one of the oldest and most popular betting systems that basically means doubling your betting stake when you lose and returning to square one when you win. Essentially, this is not the best way of making money, considering the risks are high while the winning amounts could be rather small. 

But, applying the Martingale on the 'draw' betting strategy can turn out to be very effective, because it often guarantees at least a three-time return on the previous investment. Bettors who are making bets that offer even odds usually end up aggregating a relatively small or almost no profit when they win.

On the other hand, betting on a 'draw' means you will triple your investment once you find the winning wager and end up with a sizeable profit instead of just covering your previous loss or earning 'peanuts' for your efforts. 

Fibonacci system

Although like the Martingale, the Fibonacci betting strategy also represents a negative progression that requires you to increase your stake every time you lose, it offers more protection in terms of mitigating your loss. It essentially forces you to pick numbers from the Fibonacci Sequence (without 0) and adjust your stakes accordingly. 
So, for example, if you opt to choose the following numbers - 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,134 - it is in fact the sequence of your stakes. You start with the first number of the sequence and follow the order in the exact same way if you lose. Once you win, you're going back to square one.
This strategy is recommended for beginners, and especially those who don’t have a substantial bankroll at their disposal, as it guarantees some profit in the long run and lowers the chances of draining your account dry in quick succession.
Like any other strategy, this particular system also requires commitment, patience, and dedication. In other words, if you opt to follow us on this path, you would need to stick to our predictions. In return, we guarantee to secure you a steady source of income in the long run.