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In Play football tips add exciting action to betting

in play football tips

Sometimes it is nice to sit around and take some time over football betting options on a forthcoming coupon.
It’s fascinating to scour through statistics and find those important key little details that could make a big difference at the end of the day when making your pre-match selections.

But that’s just one side of an exciting football betting coin. The other is, of course, betting while the action is going on.
In play football betting is a fascinating and dynamic angle for sports betting and it requires its own skill set from the punter to play.
Here at Houdini Predictions, we have a football prediction monitor that can help you take on the bookmakers.


Cutting out the legwork for in play football tips

The Houdini Predictions football prediction monitor offers punters a way into this form of betting by offering in-play football tips.
These are completely free tips that are generated, based on the current state of play in a fixture.

We cover a lot of leagues from across the world, from the familiar territory of the English Premier League to the likes of the Greek Super League, the Belgian Pro League and beyond.
So we have wide coverage when it comes to the matches that we offer in play football betting tips on.
That means more betting tips, more chances of picking out a selection that fits your own wagering requirements.


How do Houdini in-play football tips work?

For a game that we have in play betting tips for, the minute of the game will be displayed, allowing punters to see how much remains in a match.
The current scoreline of course will also be displayed. Also on the listing will be our in-play betting tip based on the current status of the game.
We present the time that the tip was offered and what the scoreline was at the time of making it.
Also clearly presented is the type of bet and the odds that are on offer for that particular selection.
Just enter the stake and the number of winnings from the tip are calculated immediately, so the punters get a full, concise overview of the entire process.

Then comes the waiting part, hanging on there to see the outcome of the tip or whether it is still in play.
The types of football betting picks that we provide within our betting zone football tips are things like a goal to be scored in the second half, the team to win the second half only and over/under 2.5 goals.
Only our best tips of an in play football betting tips are presented


The in play monitor

The in play football prediction monitor at Houdini Predictions watches the matches for you, trying to help you take on the bookmakers.
The more that the engine looks at matches over time, it will become better and better helping to drive towards that all-important profit.
The very nature of in play betting is fast and doesn’t often allow for a lot of great analysis of a current situation.
So that is where our in play football tips come into play as they offer quick tips of how to approach betting on a game while it is still in flux.

It’s quick, efficient and importantly, a tool that will increase with accuracy over time.


betting zone inplay tips

The best of both worlds

The nice thing about having the addition of in play betting tips available, which is a unique thing to find at football betting sites uk is that it gives punters the best of both worlds.

In some instances, an in play bet on a game can be used to hedge the outcome of a pre-match selection.
Having a live football betting tip available as well allows for those situations where you perhaps missed getting down a pre-match wager on a match.
With our in play monitor, the door is not closed completely. So at Houdini Predictions punters can enjoy and pick from the best live bet tips that we give.
Remember that everything on the website is completely free and all of the tips are based on thorough statistical research.
We work hard in covering many leagues and competitions from around the globe to bring our very best picks each and every day.
So with all this to be used to your advantage, at the end of the day football betting doesn’t have to be time-consuming and complicated.
Houdini Predictions have done a lot of the hard work for you, both pre-match and in play.