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Alex D 12 June 2019

What Type Of Bet Should I Place?

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After picking the desired market and bet that you’re looking for on the betting website; the next crucial question that you should ask is how should I place this bet. Today we will explore when the best cases to use Lucky 15’s, Yankees and other forms of bets are, and why punters should use them to maximise their returns. Also, we will explain some of the more confusing betting terms; which will ensure that you can place the best bets to possible.

Singles Bet

What is it?

A singles bet is a straight bet on the outcome of an event, no matter whether it be on horse racing, football or any other sporting market. The returns are determined based on the amount put down and the odds offered by the bookmaker. This is a very well known way of betting and has always been prominent within sports betting. It is most commonly used within football betting.

The punter must first decide on the amount that they wish to stake on the bet. The higher the stake, the more money that the punter can win from the bet.  However, if the selection loses the bookmaker keeps the stake and returns nothing to the gambler. If the choice wins, the stake is multiplied by the odds that were offered to determine the profit that the gambler receives. Bookmakers offer higher prices on selections that they believe are less likely to win.


This is a simple betting type to understand. You could put £10 on both teams to score in the Ajax vs Real Madrid fixture at odds of 4/6. Then, if your bet wins you will pocket £16.67. However, should you lose you won’t receive any money off the bookmaker, and the bet will be settled as losing.


Single betting is a massively popular way to gamble for a reason. It is simple to bet on singles and to place a bet is quick. You aren’t combining multiple elements; it is merely one thing that needs to happen for you to win.

Multiple Bets

What is it?

If you select several different single wager selections, you will see an option to build a multiple bet from your choices. This may look like advanced betting, however, it is not and it's very straightforward.

You are grabbing the single bet selections that you want and putting them together to increase the returns that you could win should they all be victorious. The risk involved with accumulator bets is that if one of the choices in the combined stake loses then the whole bet loses.


It could simply be just two selections added together for a bigger payout should they both win. For instance, if you should put a double on Tottenham and Manchester City at odds of 2/9 and 2/5 respectively, and you staked £15 you will get potential winnings of £25.66. As opposed to putting £7.50 which would see you gain only £19.67 in returns, which means that there is extra profit to be had for multiple betting. If you’re feeling more daring, you can add three, four or even more selections into the bet.


Multiple bets are the best way to get big wins through small bets. That’s the reason multiple bets are among the most popular types in football. These can include playing the favourites and putting them into multiple bets, or adding goal scorers from individual games or betting on the goal line.


What is it?

A patent bet is part of a category of bets that consist of a group of winning options from three specific selections. This means that if just one of these options wins then, it is sufficient enough to generate a return for your bet. There are different ways in which you can set up your patent bet, and these will generate different returns.

A Trixie is a bet that consists of three doubles and a treble. And so a Trixie will consist of three singles, three doubles and a treble. This in total is seven bets meaning that the total amount of the bets will be seven times that of the initial value.


You can have the selections Manchester City to Win, Everton to Win and Chelsea to win.

The three singles in the bet would be Manchester City to Win, Everton to Win and Chelsea to win.

The three doubles in the bet would be Manchester City/Everton to Win, Manchester City/Chelsea to Win and Everton/Chelsea to win.

Finally, our treble would be Manchester City, Everton and Chelsea all to win.


The main attractive factor in placing a patent bet is that it provides a better chance of a return on your stake. It can be compared to putting insurance on your bet. This does however, come at a higher cost. For example, your bet cost will rise from £1 to £7. However, this also means that if every single selection wins; you will have higher returns.

The other big advantage is that if two of the selections lose and only one choice wins, you’ll still get a return on your initial stake which is attractive amongst some punters. Horse racing and football are the most popular sports that people place patent bets on.


What is it?

Betting Permutations or as they are more commonly known, ‘Perm’ or ‘Perms’ is not a single bet but instead a group of bets that consist of three selections and these three selections generating from four all the way up to 15 bets giving you more ways to win money. They are easily defined as one of these four:

•    A patent bet – This is made up of three selections and consists of three singles, three doubles and a treble. In total that is seven different bets; so the stake would be seven times higher.

•    Lucky 15 – As the name suggests there are 15 different bets in this form. There are a total of four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator.

•    Yankee bet – This is the only permutation that consists of four selections and is made up of six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator.


The main advantage of permutation betting is the fact that not all of your selections have to win to ensure a profit. However, this may not be the return you would have been hoping for but it does ensure a chance for you at least recoup some of your money back. This insurance on your bets and the chance to get at least some of your stake back does come at a more significant cost.

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