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Using football draws today in football betting

Using football draws today in football betting

The outcome of a draw in football betting is something that gets overlooked. A common train of thought when it comes to betting is to focus only on the expected winner of a match.
However, draws in football happen, and commonly so. It’s part and parcel of the sport. So it is worth investing some time in trying to read the statistics to know when to play a football draw.
It’s one of three possible outcomes in any football match after all and punters can’t just pretend like it doesn’t exist.

The bookmaker's friend

The draw in a football match is referred to as the “Bookmaker's Friend”. The reason for that is basically because of what we have already touched upon. That it’s the one match outcome that is generally ignored the most by bettors.
Most punters select either a Home Win or an Away win in UK football betting only, because selecting the winning team has a greater sense of that “winning feeling”. But betting is not about emotions.
Therefore when a draw happens, the bookmakers collect all the losses from stakes placed on the other two outcomes. It also means that they don’t have to pay out too much because the Draw option wasn’t that well supported.
More often than not a bookmaker will bank when a share of the spoils in a football match happens.

Looking for football draws today

It’s not only punters that often ignore the draw. It’s also the case when it comes to some betting tips sites, where you only see match winners selected as a prediction. However, draws are included in free super tips football selections here at Houdini Predictions.
We go all in as the result of a draw is weighed up as much as a valuable option as a home win or an away win. The message is simply to consider the draw for your weekend football fixtures predictions.
To further press the point, let’s look back at any of the most recent five seasons of the Premier League in England
It’s common to see that each of the seasons in that span, ended with around 18-25% draw matches.
Let’s settle on an average of 20% of all Premier League matches in a season ending in a draw. There are 380 matches per season in the English top-flight to look at for football betting.
20% of 380 is 76 drawn matches. As is common with leagues, home wins are generally the most common outcomes, followed by away wins and then the draw.
But still, when looking ahead and trying to pick out football predictions for the weekend, don’t forget the possibility of a

Draw the right pick at Houdini Predictions

Instead of wading through statistics yourself, there is a better answer to figuring out the football draw. To make the football betting process a little more efficient you can select any of the free tips at Houdini Predictions.
Because only high-ratio picks are cultivated for the site, predicting a draw comes into play in all of that.
If there are dropping odds on a football betting market that suggests that a draw is becoming popular, or that the stats point to an underdog looking good for a resilient day of defensive work, then our football tips will include the prediction of a draw.
If the numbers and odds point to that being the best selection for one of our free super tips in football betting, then that is what we will present. We aren’t afraid of the draw.
It’s easy to spot those occasions where two low-scoring defensive-minded teams are squaring off. But other factors could help point towards a probable draw.
Maybe Manchester United are missing their main striker for a visit to a title rival. Maybe the pressure of an FA Cup semi-final match looks as if it will make both participating teams set up conservatively.
The purpose of our free super tips for football betting is to help a punter take on the bookmakers. One of the best ways of doing that is genuinely sizing up the probability of a draw. Even at 20%, that’s way too high of a number to sweep under the rug for wagering on football.

weekend football fixtures predictions

Playing the right move in football draws today

In UK football betting there are many different ways that the draw can be played. That’s from riskier Correct Score options (like a 0-0 or 1-1) to Half Time/Full Time betting picks or the straight Half Time Draw.
Houdini Predictions offers players the unique angle of live betting tips as well as pre-match offerings. This allows players to target value from the fluctuating sports betting odds that are reacting to big moments in games, like a goal, a sending off, or when an underdog is trying to hang on to a lead.
Whether it’s a look at England holding out for a draw against Brazil in a World Cup match, or an evening kick off in the depths of winter that comes up for weekend football fixtures predictions.
We make the bold calls and look to draw punters towards the right outcome through our high-quality free football tips.