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Using A Football Betting Calculator

Benefits Of Using A Football Betting Calculator

A good online football betting calculator can help to quickly put together an odds conversion when needed.
What does a betting odds conversion mean? Well, simply put there are different ways that betting odds are expressed within sportsbooks.
Even close to home there are noticeable differences. Betting odds in the UK are predominantly fractional odds, but decimal odds have grown in popularity, particularly with the rise of betting exchanges.
For punters who have been engaged in football betting for a long time, they may be firmly entrenched in fractional odds only, having a good understanding of them. If such a punter saw decimal odds, then they may not in turn, mean much.
As a newcomer to betting on things like match outrights and football transfer odds, it’s good to take a moment and look at different formats of odds to understand them.

Why there is a need for converting odds

There may very well be an occasion when you need to understand what you are seeing in front of you in terms of odds.
A good example of this is when American Moneyline odds are presented. It’s not something that the casual UK bettor is likely to encounter.
Let’s say the Super Bowl has come around in NFL football betting and you fancy making a play, and see Moneyline odds of +130 on a team.
That may be an unfamiliar expression of betting odds.
So instead of trying to break out math formulations to convert things in your head, you could simply plug that number into a betting odds calculator and let it do the work for you.
Those odds can be quickly turned into a format that is recognised and understood.

How to convert odds with a football betting calculator

Looking at the Houdini Predictions football betting calculator, it’s easy to see just how straightforward it is to convert odds.
Enter the odds that you have into the relevant box within the calculator and then hit the “Convert” button.
Let’s say you had 1.90 decimal odds and aren’t familiar with that format. Doing the online odds conversion will quickly show that it is an equivalent of a 9/10 odds-on quote in decimal.
If you’re familiar with fractional odds for your football betting, then that will make a lot more sense.

Different formats equal the same odds

By converting odds into a different format, nothing is being changed in regards to the implied probability of those odds. Whatever number you have is going to convert to the same value in any format.
So for example, in the Houdini Predictions betting odds calculator, a Decimal odds quote of 2.30 is plugged in and that is the equivalent of a 13/10 quote in fractional as well as a +129 on the American Moneyline.
Other formats of odds that are available in the betting calculator conversion are Hong Kong odds and Indonesian odds.
There are mathematical formulas for conversion between the different odds formats, but not only remembering them but having to do them is cumbersome. An online betting calculator is a much easier way.

Betting calculator, tips and more

Along with the online betting calculator that is available at Houdini Predictions for odds conversion, there is also an Arbitrage Calculator which is a way for punters to potentially hedge their bets.
Using online betting calculators can simplify the experience of online betting because you get to see what you need to see when you need to see it.
That’s not all that Houdini Predictions has of course. There are high-quality daily football betting tips presented for punters to size up.
Those are heavily analysed and only the top picks of the day are presented.
It’s not just football predictions for the sake of football predictions, it’s looking for those potentially high-yielding selections to take on the bookies with.



Using tools like betting calculators to guide the way

Fully understanding the nuances of betting is just going to help with your overall experience of it.
There are already a lot of factors of online betting to understand when it comes to odds, things like Implied Probability and Expected Value.
The last thing that a punter needs is to get weighed down in looking at odds that are presented in an unfamiliar format.
It’s hard to bet on horse racing when you’ve never watched a horse race or looked at a racecard and your betting experience is limited to Premier League football betting from England.
Similarly, it’s hard to read odds in a decimal format if you have never looked and studied at them before.
There are approaches to take to gain experience in betting and tools such as a betting odds calculator can help tremendously.