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Why You Should Use This Soccer Prediction Site

Soccer Prediction Site

We work hard on real day to give you the best Predictions on this site

When it comes to placing bets on soccer, punters can sometimes be overwhelmed with the amount of websites claiming to be the best soccer prediction site. However, Houdini is different, and we can proudly claim that we are the most knowledgeable tipsters online.

There are hours spent on a daily basis hunting down the crucial steps for every game that is being played on that particular day. These hours are frequently rewarded with winning selections, and we are happy to pass them on to the punters that want to avoid the hassle of researching and just enjoy seeing their bank balance rise.

what separates this soccer prediction site from the rest? Let’s explain


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Knowledgeable Tips

When it comes to betting, you need to be smart about your wagering. You need to do this by staying at up to date as possible with the latest news that could have an impact on a possible result in a match. Hours are spent every day looking into the crucial elements of where a game could be won or lost.

These tips aren’t just handed out; they are described to the punters. Instead of just saying this time will win and that’s it, we go into detail about why the team will win and what will be the deciding factor in the game.


For example, in the recent fixture between Tottenham Hotspur and Olympiacos in the Champions League, we correctly predicted that Tottenham would win the game. But not just that, we also claimed that Harry Kane would score a couple of goals in their win, and he did. You’re missing out already if you aren’t taking tips from this soccer prediction site.

Broad Range of Games

It’s all well and good claiming that you are the best soccer prediction site, but if you are only covering the Premier League, then you are only scratching the surface of what the global audience wants. With Houdini, we cover the Premier League, but also give comprehensive tips of other fixtures that are going on around the world.

We will cover games from countries such as France, Germany and Spain, while also giving adequate research and tips for other minor European leagues such as Poland, Ukraine and Croatia. Not stopping there, we will also put our customers first by going in-depth about games that are taking place in China, USA, Colombia and other various countries around the world.

There aren’t many other soccer prediction sites that can claim they go into as much depth on these leagues that barely get a mention. However, it is essential to punters, and these games are where big returns can be made all year round.

Explaining Markets

The selection of betting markets open to people that want to bet on soccer can be overwhelming to newcomers, and therefore they would just settle on the most simple market that they can understand. Of course, there is value to be had in the match betting and over and under markets, but additional value can be found elsewhere, and Houdini goes into depth about what each of them entails in order to place a winning bet.


Best Predictions are most helpful


The tips are just half the story when it comes to Houdini, and we plan to encourage our readers, so they feel confident to go onto a betting website and explore the markets for themselves. If you can log in and then understand every market that the sportsbook is offering, then we have done a great job.

Value can be had on many of the markets, and finding that value is often the factor that stands in the way of the punters, but at this soccer prediction site, we are here to help.