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How to use tips to bet on football games

How to use tips to bet on football games

There are just so many games to try and focus on when it comes to making a bet on a football game.
The weekend is stacked with not only Premier League football, but there’s also the Championship and the rest of the main English tiers to size up.
But football betting options, of course, go way beyond that. There’s all the action from Europe’s big leagues. There are matches from further-flung corners of the globe to consider for gambling on football.
The midweek can churn up UEFA Champions League and more domestic league or cup action as well. The list goes on.
With such a high volume of matches, how do you know what the best options to select are when it comes to how to make money from soccer betting odds?

Houdini could have the answers

If you think about a football match and perhaps the Anytime Goalscorer market in football betting, then naturally the best goalscorer in the match is going to be the key pick.
But is that always the best option? Perhaps there is a midfielder in good form, who is coming in at better, more appealing value?
Football betting isn’t necessarily cut and dry, like just backing the favourite in every single match, to win.
Figuring out how to make money gambling is a far more nuanced practice than that. Markets need to be understood, along with risk, implied percentages and UK soccer odds value.
The beautiful game just doesn’t play out in a straightforward way where the weaker team always loses. Underdogs have their day, a fluke own goal or a lucky penalty can turn a game on its head.
A way to narrow the playing field for football betting is by sizing up some of the best betting tips around.

Quality Football Tips

Football clubs dip into the transfer market to spend big money on getting the best players to increase their chances of winning.
The best things in life usually come at a high price. But here at Houdini Tips things are very different, because there is no fee for getting your hands on our high-quality free football betting tips.
So unlike football clubs having to spend millions of dollars to get the best players, punters have access to the highest quality tips without having to dip into their wallets.
That’s what Houdini Predictions is all about and with each passing month, the popularity and quality of the selections that are on offer grow.
Securing high-quality football tips is a great consideration of how to make money gambling on football.

The Houdini Touch for football tips

It is the quality that counts. The strength and quality of the pick can help provide a boost on how to make money gambling.
The difference with the Houdini touch is that quantity is not prioritized over quality.
How it works here is that we do all the number-crunching and dive our way through the statistics to save the punter time.
Only a small fraction of the matches that we look at daily, make it on the site as free football bet recommendations.
It’s that attention to detail, those high quality, high-ratio tips that have seen the reputation of Houdini Predictions go from strength to strength.


It’s all free!

See what selections are highlighted as the best of the day, and remember that every tip that is on the site is provided free.
That’s to help the punter get as much out of football betting as they can. Tips at Houdini Predictions tips don’t dip into your profit, as it’s all free, all the time.
Up to six of the day’s best football betting tips make their way onto the site.
But not only are there pre-match tips to ponder, but we also provide a wonderfully unique angle by offering in-play free football bet tips too.
Registration at Houdini Predictions is free, as is the Tipster Competition where players can play for cash prizes, and of course, so are those high ratio free betting tips.
So if you are ready to jump into some Premier League or FA betting, then the first stop should be Houdini Predictions.