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How to sign up for online betting in 5 steps

How to sign up for online betting in 5 steps

To get set up and running for online betting in the UK, the first step is to actually open an account with a bookmaker.
In order to make a football bet for example, then you first need somewhere to place that bet!
With that in mind, we look at the main steps needed to sign up with an online bookmaker, covering everything from getting registered to striking your first bet.
Here is our guide on how to sign up for online betting.

1. Find a bookmaker

Find a bookmaker

This is where it all begins. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for just a place to do football betting, or you enjoy wagering across a number of sports, you need a UK online bookmaker.

However, it is not just finding any online bookmaker, it is finding one that fits you. Every punter has different requirements of what they are looking for. That could be the ease of operation and user-friendliness of site navigation, relevant payment methods, finding a trusted brand or a bookmaker with a highly rated mobile app.

Make a list of key things that you want. Then look over bookmaker reviews which can help in making a decision. Note that customers are not limited to registering with just one UK bookmaker. Opening an account with more than one allows picking between them for the best odds on a market selection.

2. Look at any welcome bonus offer

Look at any welcome bonus offer

When you have chosen the bookmaker (or bookmakers) of preference, you will need to then go through the registration process before you can do any betting. But before that, it’s worth recognising that bookmakers offer welcome bonuses. These sign up bonuses usually offer free bets to entice players to sign up with them in the first place.

Welcome offers will have terms and conditions applied to them. For example, you may need a bet bonus code to be entered when you get to the next step of registration. So this is where a bit of preparation can pay off. Another aspect of welcome bonuses will be using a valid deposit method, as for example, a betting promotion may only be triggered by depositing funds via a card. Just pay attention to the T&Cs of a welcome offer that you may come across.

3. Bookmaker Registration

Bookmaker Registration

The registration process at an online betting site should be relatively quick and straightforward. Click through to a registration page and you will be asked to complete details of both personal and account-based information.
Things like name, address and date of birth are going to be needed for personal information. Payment details could be needed at registration as well, because after all, you will need to fund the account in order to place bets.
As far as the account information, you will need to come up with a username and secure password to register the account. Keep these private, safe and secure.
In some instances, bookmakers may ask for further verification on an account. An account will need to be fully verified so that secure payments can be completed. It’s preferable to ensure this is all done before the first withdrawal on an account otherwise things could be delayed.
Further verification could mean sending them a picture ID such as a UK driving licence or a utility bill for address verification. There is likely going to be a validation step to go through as well when going through the bookmaker sign up process. The bookmaker may send an SMS message for example to confirm that it’s really you creating the account.

4. Deposit money into your betting account

Funding your betting account

The next step of how to sign up for online betting at an operator will be to fund your account. Making a payment to your betting account is going to be done through your account management page, be it on an app or a full website.
It is important to note that not all bookmakers accept the same payment methods.
Card payments through Visa or Mastercard are the most commonly accepted form of payment, along with banking options like direct transfers or through Trustly in the UK. Some bookmakers will accept third party e-wallet options like Paypal, Neteller, Skrill or ApplePay. Some may not.
More often than not bookmakers will not charge any fees for transactions, but your financial institution may. Times for processing will depend on the payment/withdrawal method and note any deposit or withdrawal minimums too.

5. Make your first bet

Make your first bet

So we have gotten to the stage where registration and funding of the account have been completed. What is the next step in how to sign up with a bookmaker? That will be to explore the sportsbook and strike your first bet on the account!
At this point you can browse through football betting markets in England and abroad, size up some tennis betting options, make a rugby handicap prediction or strike whatever bet takes your fancy.
If there is a welcome bonus that you are playing for, ensure that you meet all requirements necessary with the first bet on the account. The qualifying bet will likely have to be at a certain minimum stake and have minimum odds in place as well.
Once the account is funded at your chosen bookie, bet selections can be added to the betting slip. Bet slips can be edited and adjusted even after adding sections to them. Further selections can be added or taken off the slip or combined into multiple bets.
The wager won’t be struck until you enter the amount of your stake and confirm the bet. Once that’s done, the bet can no longer be edited. Always wait for confirmation of the bet being placed and any betting transaction will be listed in your account.

6. Bookmaker Sign Up Summary

Signing up for a bookmaker is straightforward and the most important step may very well be the first one. That is, finding a reputable bookmaker that meets your requirements. You have the choice and remember that at the end of the day it is your money that you are striking bets with. So it is important to do it with a bookmaker that you trust and one that offers the services that you need.

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