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How Coronavirus affects betting industry?

How Coronavirus affects betting industry?

Coronavirus affects

The deadly coronavirus outbreak that rapidly spreads across the continents has already inflicted the most devastating damage to football since World War II.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing the biggest pandemic in modern history that has so far affected all aspects of people's lives, including health, daily routine, social life, supplies, economy, finances, etc. Sports are no exception either, as virtually all events around the globe have either been canceled off or postponed until further notice. The coronavirus outbreak has paralyzed the world in every sense of the word. With no timeframe set for the way out of this ongoing horror, the only thing people can do for now is to be patient.

Drastic measures exercised by the governments that relate to football, as the most popular sport on the planet, have left bookmakers and bettors with very little room for maneuver. You can practically count on the fingers of one hand the number of national championships that are still allowing their respective teams to compete. For every person involved in the betting industry, whether they are bookmakers or bettors, this is their worst nightmare.

The coronavirus has changed the landscape of world football, and the consequences will only be revealed once the crisis is gone. In addition to the vast majority of Europe’s football leagues, virtually all other national championships around the world have been postponed either indefinitely or until April, hence striking a heavy blow to the betting industry.

Coronavirus effect on top-flight football

UEFA released an official statement on Tuesday in which they postpone Euro to 2021 and Europa League for an indefinite period. Euro’s pushing back by a year is part of UEFA’s efforts to allow the ongoing club campaign to complete. However, it is only a small piece in a rather big jigsaw. Indeed, almost every major European league has been suspended until April 3, with the lone exception of Ligue 1 (France’s top-tier) that has yet to name the date to resume the action.

Italy, as the most affected European country, has put Serie A on hold until April, with all other top-seven Europe’s leagues following their example to avoid a further spread of the nasty decease. Among other popular football leagues put under a moratorium, there are also Major League Soccer and the Chinese Super League, with the Russian Premier League and Turkish Süper Lig the only ‘attractive’ top-tier competitions still active.


Corona virus


Betting offer at a premium

In light of current events, the betting industry sails in rough waters, as they are left short of tempting offers. The collapse in world football spreads over to the betting industry, just like the virus itself. It is a chain reaction that threatens to sabotage bookmakers in the foreseeable future.

The abovementioned suspensions have created a genuine lack of presentable betting opportunities and made a devastating impact on the entire betting industry. Once the most rapidly growing industry has faded into obscurity, and there’s practically no established mechanism the bookmakers can apply to stop the stagnation or even downfall.

And while it is up to the bookmakers to come up with a plan to prevent a further decline, the bettors and punters themselves should find their way to overcome the coronavirus crisis.

How pandemic affects bettors?

“One who wants to do something will find a way; One who doesn't will find an excuse." One of the most famous Confucius quotes may be the best phrase to describe the current state the betting industry has fallen into. Demand has already far outstripped supply, leaving both the bookmakers and bettors in limbo.

However, the bettors are those who have the privilege of choice in this chaos. Essentially, the whole problem comes down to one simple question - Should you stay put and wait for football to return to normal, or should you rush into the current market that you don't really know much about? Answers to this question are divided and differ from person to person.

  1. It seems reasonable to save some money and build a sizeable bankroll while waiting for the most prestigious football leagues to return to action, and then use the accumulated funds to maximize your profit betting on the competitions you are familiar with. Also, a break is more than welcome, as it allows you to clear your head and restrain yourself from splashing out your money on some ‘less attractive’ affairs.
  2. Yet, for those who don’t have the patience, diving into the current market could turn out to be profitable, although most of that success will depend on pure luck. Probably the one advantage this disaster provides is that it cuts down the bettors' choices to a minimum, creating a tight environment with very few options to choose between. Indeed, it is much easier for bettors to select their tips when the offer is thinner, which also suppresses the greediness that is very often the main stumbling block every bettor is faced with.

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