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Houdini offers football tips today

football tips today

Houdini Football Predictions is the only site that tracks records from 230 football leagues around the globe. We choose to single out the six best recommendations each day in order to give you the best football tips today, although we have carefully gathered data for over 5000 football clubs

Not only do our betting football experts post tips across a wide range of leagues and tournaments day by day, but we also boast an impressive winning ratio that will help you establish a steady income stream and beat the bookies in the long run.

Our sophisticated tools and skilled personal are used to predict the outcome of football matches as accurately as possible. Our sole purpose is to outperform the predictions of the bookies by applying advanced statistical analysis.

So, now is a great time to join our thriving community that has excellent free bet offers available.


Houdini encourages free football betting tips

The betting market is among the most rapidly growing markets in the world. The competition is huge but often unreliable. Everyone wants to earn some easy money on the side and is, therefore, ready to dive into this massive but wicked pool. However, we highly recommend you to avoid rushing into this niche before doing proper due diligence.

Unlike many so-called tipsters who try to deceive others or even themselves by representing themselves as betting experts through overpaid and exaggerated marketing campaigns, we at Houdini Football Predictions tend to build a community with trustworthy content. While many so-called tipsters often ask you to pay for their tips even though they don't have a history of success to show, we are offering our knowledge and expertise for FREE! 

Indeed, this website is free for everyone to use and benefit from it. Houdini Football Predictions is not about taking money away from people but about taking money away from the bookies. That's right! We do not want your money - we want to help you earn some. All we ask in return is your trust.

In the meantime, we will always keep our betting tips and picks free and available to everyone. We don’t sell our predictions, and we won’t do that in the future. Our only promise is that we will give our best efforts to keep providing you with free football betting tips every day without charging any fees. So, don’t let others charge you fees by making promises they can’t keep!



Why Houdini has the best football tips today? 

Here at Houdini Football Predictions, it's plain for everyone to see our success ratio and the number of tips we provide on a daily basis. We have so far processed countless tips from thousands of tipsters, and we will continue to do so with the same enthusiasm we've had since day one. Given the volume and accuracy that we have presented so far, we are safe to say that we offer the best football tips today.

We at Houdini Football Predictions have based our success on long-term analysis of diverse statistics. And we are not talking only about pre-match betting. We are equally well versed in providing accurate live predictions as well. And again, we will continue to provide you with free football betting tips week in, week out.

Are you asking for the most accurate predictions on live betting? Don't go any further. We are here to help you build a sizeable bankroll and continue improving it day in, day out. Live betting is a tricky business, but we at Houdini Football Predictions are superbly crafted in finding the best picks and delivering them to you on a silver platter.

But, we also don't want to make false promises. There are those days when bad streaks could arrive. That's why we want to teach you that responsible playing and diversifying betting strategy is the key to success in this area.