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How to get the most of the Weekend football fixtures predictions

football weekend fixtures predictions

When the weekend rolls around you know that it is prime time for football betting. That is, most commonly, the busiest day of any given week of football. It is when the football coupons are long with so many matches coming into play. Even if a punter was just to look on the domestic front of England, then the matches really stack up. What does a punter what to get out of all that? Quite simply that is going to be the best football betting tips. But time is a precious commodity and you don’t want to have to dig through a ton of matches just to pull out a tip.

Get a boost with Houdini’s Weekend Football Predictions

Think of the scenario where it is a Saturday morning and you are looking forward to a big day of football and some wagering. Where do you start with it all? Taking a look at Houdini’s weekend football prediction selections is a good place to start. With any one of the daily football betting tips that are on offer on the site, there are a few important things to understand. Firstly, these are not just random picks. Houdini Predictions scour more than 5,000 matches per day and yet only deliver a handful of the very best value picks. We continuously strive to reach higher ratios from our selections. There are both pre-match and in-play football betting tips for weekend football predictions. The services are not only limited to the weekend, of course, as there are also free tips produced every single day. Did we say free? Yes, there are no catches with Houdini Predictions in terms of cost. There is no subscription, no having to pay up front just to get a tip which would eat into any potential profit of course.

All tips on the site are free to try and boost your returns from the weekend football fixtures predictions.
Houdini is simply trying to help the punter get a score over the bookmakers by applying the best statistical information available to try and eke out every drop of value for football betting tips.


Don’t miss the best odds

Striking while the iron is hot in betting is such a crucial thing in betting. You can't just base a football betting tip on the likelihood of the outcome. 

There has to be some value attached to a weekend football prediction and therein likes the key to our selections.
We want punters to get as much benefit from our high-quality free predictions. 
So in soccer rating dropping odds when it comes to tips means that it is always worth watching odds and understanding how markets are moving.
Dropping odds are when the value of a selection falls below the opening quote offered by a bookmaker. 

Betting odds fluctuate a lot, so jumping in early on a bet where possible at the best rating, can usually allow punters to get a little edge in better odds value.
Because Houdini Predictions only offers a small top selection of football predictions each day, that means those are the ones that we are most confident about in returning a win. 
Not every selection is going to win of course, and all of Houdini Predictions football betting tips are listed with the results. So there is full transparency because of the realism that not every tip wins.

But for our weekend football fixture predictions, we continue to expand our expertise month by month to deliver stronger predictions.


Cut out the confusion of football betting tips

Not sure about which bets to make on the weekend? Should you risk Liverpool taking an away win? What about whether it’s a good opportunity to take a double chance on Newcastle? Let Houdini Predictions help you along. Take a look at the picks and for weekend football prediction betting odds. Do you want free pre-match betting tips? They are here. Do you want free in-play football tips? They are here so consider working smart, not hard with your tips.