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The value of Betting Zone Football Tips for punters

Betting Zone Football Tips

What are punters looking for? Betting tips that offer high ratios of accuracy. That is what Houdini Predictions are able to offer thanks to high-quality betting zone football tips.
There is nothing else in play at Houdini Predictions other than the use of expertise to try and help bettors get towards profit on a more frequent basis.
That is done by scouring through a wealth of football markets to bring up to six carefully selected betting tips per day.
There isn’t even a charge for any of this, because there is no catch here with the football betting tips. They are all free, all of the time.

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Dissecting the stats for betting zone football tips

Anyone who has looked at football betting before knows that at some point sooner or later, statistics are going to come into play. 
This is done on varying levels from the most basic to the complicated.
Just looking at the recent form is a way of sizing up statistical information for football betting. But it can certainly go a lot deeper than that. 
There are things like not only the current form but head to head records, injuries, goal average, goals timing and so much more than needs to be looked at to be able to add some sound basis to a football betting selection.

It can be time-consuming scouring through stats and having to dig through different football betting sites UK, but Houdini Predictions take all of the work off your hands. 
The daily picks in the betting zone football tips that are presented on the site are formulated out of statistical research. 
Even though all the tips are free, a lot of work has been done behind the scenes to try and aid the punter. All of that heavy statistical analysis.
So when you can land on a trusted site knowing that you are getting well-researched football betting tips from a site that has a high ratio of winning returns, then you should be pretty well set.

How far does Houdini go for betting zone football tips?

We go right around the world for our football betting tips. It would be a disservice to the punter to only focus on one league all the time for tips.
That’s just not that practical because that is very limiting in terms of being able to make selections and to look for the top value.
So Houdini looks at over 5000 teams and around 230 competitions from around the world to pull football betting picks from.
That’s a lot of information absorbed on a daily basis and out of all that, only the very best picks are selected.
Each day there are up to six high-quality tips that are presented for pre-match selections. But the service in our betting zone football tips doesn't stop there.

Betting zone inplay football tips

Houdini Predictions offers a unique inplay football betting tips service. So while a game is in full swing, we don't stop our analysis of the information.
We do provide inplay football betting tips through our prediction monitor which just gets better and better over time.
So that means that it could be the half time break in an active game and you can see a prediction for which team will win the second half, or which team will be the next to score in the match.

All of the inplay football betting tips are free as well at Houdini Predictions.
There’s no catch from us, no hidden agenda like some sites have in trying to get you to do a sign-up and then having to pay for their high-yield special tips.
There is nothing more at Houdini Predictions than just our best recommendations to take to try and beat the bookmaker with.
That’s a very exciting and original thing that is on offer.


That’s a very exciting and original thing that is on offer.

We want you to get in the zone for your wagering by having access to high-quality football betting tips. Strong, reliable football betting tips.
That’s it. Clear and simple. There’s nothing else to it and we don’t ask for any money in return for this fantastic service.
Clear, high-ratio best football tips makes this a fantastic resource in football betting sites UK.

We just want to see the UK bookmakers toppled as often as possible by well-informed punters. That's the mission here.
Plus, if at the end of the day you did want to show your betting chops there is a free to play Tipster competition on the Houdini Predictions website as well. That offers cash prizes each month.