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Why Houdini has the best football tips?

best football tips

Choose the right place for the best football tips

We at have created a platform with the one sole purpose - to gather the most reliable punters and bettors and merge their
knowledge and experience and provide it to you so that you don't have to wander around searching for the best markets and wagers. 

How often have you found yourself believing that one single winning bet or even a few in a row means you're on the verge of beating the bookies only to later understand you're actually losing money long-term?

If you're done with losing money long-term and want to take a step forward, we invite you to join and help us build a community that can outsmart the bookies in the long run. Outfoxing the bookmakers long-term is often the most daunting prospect every bettor is faced with. 

Occasional winning streaks are a near-certainty that actually do more help to the bookies than the bettors, as they always make you want to come back. But, what if there's a chance you can extend those streaks and mitigate your losses once the losing streaks appear? Would you take it?

We are tasked with helping you overcome the common mistakes every beginner makes, such as betting on their favorite teams, over-trusting popular stats and media hype, and overpricing huge Moneyline favorites for low returns. 

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What makes us different from other similar platforms?

  1. Houdini Daily Predictions - We present you with the most relevant predictions on a daily basis. Carefully selected tips after conducting due diligence on the markets will turn your divertissement into a steady, reliable income stream. We are here to provide you with trustworthy information and well-researched tips to mitigate your risks of giving away your money to the bookmakers.
  2. Houdini Live Predictions - Placing bets on the football events after they have started increases the bettors' chances for success by giving them a much-needed edge over the bookies. Indeed, watching a particular game before deciding on how you want to play it gives you an in-depth insight into the going-on that no other pre-match suggestion or analysis can provide. But, since no one can follow dozens of games at the same time, many bettors miss out on the clear-cut opportunities to make a profit by simply focusing on two or three events at the time. By joining us, you can expand your range of live football tips by getting updates you would otherwise be unaware of. That’s why we created an entire section committed to providing you with the best live tips.
  3. Houdini Tipster Contest - It often takes years for the punters to develop a system that guarantees profit in the long run. Many have tried and failed, but we at want to find and reward those who have succeeded. If you think that you have devised a winning system that pays off in the long run, you are welcome to share it in our section 'Tipster Contest,' and you will be appropriately rewarded should your strategy turns out to be more profitable than others. This is the perfect place for you to start building your tipster career and measure your success rate by comparing it to your peers. Unlike other similar platforms than often require you to make a deposit before granting you permission to follow them, we give a chance to join us for free and showcase your talents. Whether or not you will succeed strictly depends on you and your skills.
  4. Houdini Writers Tips – A very selected group of people specialized in detecting the most profitable lines in the market will help you develop a steady income stream. How? Well, by finding the perfect draw predictions We at are focused on finding the matches that are likely to end in a draw and, therefore, show you why we believe those bets can be a long-term success.


Finding the best football tips matches and lines that offer sizeable value is a craft many newbies take for granted. In turn, finding better lines will increase your long-term returns, and we are here to make sure of that. Comparing the lines online has never been easier, and you have no excuse for lowering your profits by just being lazy. But, if you don't have time to do proper research, that's another reason to join us because we are here to do that for you. 

We are very loyal to our community. Our goal is to increase your chances of winning