Online Betting odds calculator

Convert Decimal To Fraction,Fraction to Decimal ..
Decimal / European Example: 1.75
Fractional (UK) Example: 1/3
American / Moneyline(US) Example: +250
Hong Kong Example: 0.35
Indonesian Example: -3.00
betting odds calculator

Fractional Odds

What is Fractional odds ? This is a common line from Britain

Profit ----➔ 6/5 🠰 ---- Stack

How to convert ?

Stack X Odds + Stack = Return

Odds Stack Calculation Return
6/5 100$ 100$ * 6/5 + 100$ 220$
1/1 100$ 100$ * 1/1 + 100$ 200$
3/10 100$ 100$ * 3/10 + 100$ 130$
37/5 100$ 100$ * 37/5 + 100$ 840$

Convert Decimal to Fractional

Decimal = Fractional + 1

1.40 = 2/5 + 1

1.40 = 0.4 + 1

You can try it in the calculator above

American Odds

There are two kind:
+Positive(Underdog team) And Negative(favorite team), and the ratio is based on a stack of 100 units.

If the odds are positive +250
it say if you put 100$ you will get 250

If the odds are negative -150
it say you must risk 150$ to win 100$

1.40 = 0.4 + 1

Converting from Decimal to American

If the odds are 2.00 or more:

American Odds = (Decimal -1) X 100

If the odds are Less then 2.00:

American Odds = (-100)/(Decimal -1)

Odds Calculation Result
3.00 (3.00 - 1) X 100 +200
2.50 (2.50 - 1) X 100 +150
1.50 (-100) / (1.50 - 1) -200
1.35 (-100) / (1.35 - 1) -285

Convert from American to Decimal

If the odds are Positive ,Just divide US odds by 100 and add 1

Decimal = (Us odds / 100) + 1

If the odds are Negative

Decimal = (100/ Us odds) + 1

Odds Calculation Result
+220 (220 / 100) + 1 3.20
+400 (400 / 100) + 1 5.00
-140 (100 / 140) + 1 1.714
-170 (100 / 170) + 1 1.588

The benefits of using the best betting odds calculator

How can a betting odds calculator help out when punters are looking around at sporting betting odds? At Houdini Predictions there are a lot of free predictions that are on offer. Each of the high-quality football betting predictions that are offered is presented with current odds. But as a punter, you may want to see how those odds are presented in different formats. An online betting calculator can help to make those conversions quick and easy.

The Houdini Betting Odds Calculator

The football betting calculator at Houdini Predictions makes the conversion of odds to different formats a quick and simple process. Why would a punter want to convert odds? It is all a matter of preference really. A lot of UK betting markets are presented in the fractional format. Punters based on continental Europe are going to be more familiar with the decimal format. Then there is American / Moneyline format which may well be completely unfamiliar to any European bettors at all. Being able to switch between the different types of formats can be a handy tool to have on your side to put all odds into your own familiar format. So Houdini Predictions have tools available like the online betting odds calculator to help punters along.

How to convert odds with the betting odds calculator

The football betting calculator can just help to clear up some confusion over how odds may be presented. It’s not an uncommon thing to be browsing around online and to then find a betting opportunity you fancy but the odds are presented in a totally different format. Maybe as a UK punter, you wanted to expand your horizons and look at having a wager on the NFL Super Bowl but have no idea what a +250 Moneyline wager is. All that you would need to do to clear up any of that confusion would be to put the odds quote into the bet calculator. Then that one quote will be converted into the other odds format that are available in the calculator. That includes Decimal and Fractional, along with the Hong Kong and Indoneison formats. To convert odds with the betting odds calculator, you simply enter the odds quoted in the relevant box in the calculator and click the Convert button. All the work is done for you from that point on.

odds calculator

The Houdini Predictions does the heavy lifting

Everything to do with betting, of course, involves mathematics. An example of that is the implied probability of outcomes which the odds represent. If you convert between Decimal and Fractional or any other format, that probability doesn’t change what you are looking at. Some mathematical operations can be a slow process to figure out. It’s not so easy to convert decimal odds of 2.54 into a fractional return. But the online betting calculator at Houdini Predictions gives you results quickly. The bet calculator is not figuring out how much potential profit that you could collect from those odds, because that’s an entirely different thing. Stake and risk would come into play in that example, but the Houdini Bet Calculator is an odds conversion tool. But with that having been said, if you calculate and see odds presented in your familiar format, then you may have a clear picture in your head of the actual value of those odds in terms of potential profit.

Quick conversion results with the betting odds calculator

It’s worth noting that along with daily free football betting tips, there are also live football betting tips that are available at Houdini Predictions. Online betting is a really fluid thing and sometimes, especially when looking at live in-play betting, conversions may need to be done quickly. At the end of the day, a football betting calculator will help speed up any process in which you find the need for an odds-conversion. So the package is all here at Houdini, the high-quality picks and the football betting calculator that can help manage the odds.