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How an online betting calculator can help your betting

online betting calculator

Understanding odds in sports betting is a key component in the search for finding value and an online betting calculator can help with that.
There are different types of betting odds calculator tools that can be found online.
Some will calculate the potential returns of a wager that you may be thinking about placing.
Others are designed to do conversion operations of betting odds, and others aim to simplify the process of more complicated betting practices like arbitrage betting.
Here at Houdini Predictions, we provide the tools to help your betting.


The best betting odds calculator

When you start looking around and exploring sports betting, you will invariably be faced with an occasion when you need a betting odds calculator.

Understanding how odds presented in different formats are interchangeable can really speed up the betting process.

In the UK the most common odds-format is fractional. That's when you see options like 4/1 or 10/11.
But since online betting really took off, the more common format used across Europe is the decimal betting odd format such a 1.75 and 2.00.

So if you have landed somewhere and have come across an unfamiliar decimal quote then you may not fully understand how it translates to value until conversion of the odds has been done.

But there is no need to grab a pencil and paper and tap into a slow process of trying to figure things out.
That’s where an online betting calculator can be extremely helpful like the one that is available at Houdini Predictions.

online football betting calculator


Odds conversions with an online betting calculator

There are pre-set conversions placed within the calculator so all that you have to do is throw in the odds.
So for an example, you have seen a decimal odds quote of 1.80 on a football selection that you fancy to win.
You can enter that 1.80 in the Decimal / European section of the bet calculator and hit the ‘Convert” button.

That will then convert that decimal odds quote into all other formats that are on the calculator.
To cover all the bases of different types of football betting odds formats that are available, the conversions available in the online betting calculator are as follows:

  • Decimal / European
  • Fractional (UK)

  • American / Moneyline (USA)

  • Hong Kong

  • Indonesian

To just round out of this example of how to use a bet calculator, the 1.80 decimal odds would convert to 4/5 odds (Fractional) and -125 odds (American).

Different Odds All The Same Value

It doesn’t matter about the output of the numbers that will be seen in the different formats. It doesn't alter the value of the odds themselves.
A 1.80 decimal quote is exactly the same as a 4/5 fractional quote.
They both represent an implied probability of 55.6% of that particular outcome happening.

So that does not change at all, it’s just how the odds are presented.

The common Fractional To Decimal Conversion

For UK users who mostly are only going to come across the Fractional and Decimal options then there is a simple rule of thumb for conversion. A 2.0 decimal odds is the equivalent of 1/1 (even money in fractional). So taking that forward it would be 3.0 decimal odds that would be the equivalent of 2/1 in Fractional and so on. But the tricky part of things and why a football betting calculator may be needed is because odds are not always that simple. There are going to be Decimal Odds such as 1.29 and 1.44, and fractional odds such as 8/11 and 21/20 that are going to be seen. Those are not so easily converted on a quick glance and therefore that is where the importance of a betting calculator comes into play.

The value of an Arbitrage Calculator

The importance of a football betting calculator when it comes to arbitrage bets is a bigger and bolder example of the necessity of having a good bet calculator. An arbitrage betting opportunity is when either on a two-way or a three-way market you can calculate a way to guarantee profit back, regardless of the outcome of the event. On a simple two-way arbitrage, you would enter the odds and stake for one of the outcomes, then throw in the odds presented for the other outcome. The arbitrage calculator will then show how much stake needs to be placed on that second outcome to earn a profit regardless of which outcome happens. This is not the easiest thing to figure out on the fly.

Maybe you are looking at some of the free betting predictions that are presented daily at Houdini Predictions and see a match that you fancy taking on.
But part of you wants to hedge that bet and so a quick click on the arbitrage calculator would help you figure out quickly the other part of the bet.

Use the online betting calculator tools to boost your betting

So there are clear advantages to using an online betting calculator. They are very handy for just quickly figuring out conversions as well as dealing with bigger calculations such as these hedge betting opportunities. Here at Houdini Predictions, you can find not only some superb free football betting tips but we also provide the online betting calculators tools to help you assess and understand the value of the odds presented on them.