Houdini's Tipster Competition,prizes up to 200$

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Houdini Tipster Contest

1. Pick a match from the list.
2. You get points for each winning pick.
3. At the end of each month prizes will be distributed in cash to users in the first places

The Prizes

second medal
third medal
4 th
5 th
6 th
7 th

Competition Rules

  • 1.Every day a list of soccer matches will be posted to the site. The contest participant will be able to choose up to 3 daily picks (separately) such as 'Under Over Goals','Full time result' and more options later.
  • 2.If your tip has won you will get the net profit.
    payout = Odds * stack - stack
    But if you loss, you will loss the points(stack) that you risked.
  • 3.In order to win a prize you must publish at least 20 recommendations a month
  • 4.Picks will be posted up to 1 hour before the game.
  • 5.Results will be published up to 12 hours after the game.
  • 6.You must be over 18 in order to participate in the competition. In some of these countries it is 21 years old
  • 7.Users who get the most points will win prizes according the position.
  • 8.First to seventh place will win prizes respectively.
  • 9.The Payment Prize will be in EUR or USD via PayPal or Skrill. In special cases we will use other means.
  • 10.Prizes will be paid up to the fourth month
  • 11.Copying from a competitor on our site or on another site will disqualify the user immediately.
  • 12.Each month we will set the points to 0.
  • 13.You can join the monthly competition until the tenth of the month.
  • 14.The prize payment will paid based on your registration details. If this information is not valid, the prize will not be awarded.
  • 15.We do not accept a username: offensive, inappropriate, racist, extreme, or vulgar.
  • 16.Contest_Rules_If the game is canceled or declined, the bet will be considered as 1.00 odds, and the payout will be 0 points
  • 17.In order to distribute the prize there must be at least 20 active tipsters. An active tipsters is tipsters that he gave at least 2 picks that month. Otherwise prizes will not be distributed due to a small number of participants.
  • 18.Must have a minimum of 10 points in the tips in order to receive the prize.