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The draw bet of the day is not to be undervalued

The draw bet of the day is not to be undervalued

One of the interesting aspects of football betting on match outrights is the variable of the draw. It’s an option that is often overlooked by punters in favour of backing a winner of the match.

It is one of those betting options that seriously requires closer attention as used correctly, and can be worked into a strategy. The soccer odds on the draw outcome are usually somewhere around 3/1 fractional. That means that there is generally value to be extracted from them.

Don't avoid the draw

Draws in football matches happen. Consider the scenario in the Premier League where an underdog is taking on a stronger favourite. If the underdog is going to get any kind of positive result out of the match, it could be more likely that it is through the draw than seeing them actually bank all three points.

It’s not worth avoiding the draw when it comes to betting. It is a valid option and gives a win in your betting when you get it right, just as much as successfully picking a home win would. Therefore Houdini Predictions fully incorporate the draw predictions tips into our services.

There is another angle to this that can play into live in-play betting tips that Houdini Predictions provide. That’s the Half Time Draw in matches. The first half of matches are generally more cautious affairs and it becomes more viable for an underdog to at least dig in until halftime. That then avoids seeing them run out of steam in the second half and creaking under pressure to lose the match.

The football draw accumulator

Draw prediction tips in football betting can be used in many different ways. Along with playing them as win singles, they could be pulled together into a football draw accumulator. Those will require the most accurate draw predictions, which is what all the monitoring of matches that Houdini Predictions do is geared up to achieve.

A draw is not luck

Some football fixtures have the look about them that will end in a draw more so than others. Say for example two low-scoring teams are playing each other and are in a relegation scrap in England. Defeat would be devastating for either. So it’s likely therefore that both teams will be more concerned about not losing than winning. But underdogs have their day when they dig in resolutely to hold a bold attacking team at arm’s length. Sometimes a late penalty kick can rescue a point for a team. When you boil down betting to the statistics, then the draw is a perfectly viable option. It is not luck in successfully landing one.

We scour more than 5000 teams from across the globe to pinpoint the strongest predictions where the draw may occur. Deep analysis of things like dropping odds, help us pick the right tips at the right time. Simply when the stats point to a draw, that’s the call that we confidently make.

All of the football tips at Houdini Predictions are either pre-match football tips or live in-play betting which is a fantastic unique angle for football.

Draw betting tops best

Draw bet of the day FAQs

What is football draw betting?

That is a simple call that a match is going to end level on the scoreboard. It’s commonly overlooked though, which also means that it is a heavily undervalued market to explore. Draw prediction tips focus solely on that outcome.

What is a football draw accumulator?

When you pull together more than one draw selection in football betting into a single bet. A 4-fold football draw accumulator, for example, would require all four selections to be correct for the bet to win. All legs in an accumulator are dependent on each other.

How do I win with the football draw bet of the day?

Having some high yield quality football betting tips can help. Any selections that are made which are based on statistical analysis are going to be stronger players. Analysis for accumulators can require time and patience. Tips can help speed up the process.

What are common soccer odds on a draw in a Premier League match?

To highlight why the draw may be undervalued as a betting option, it’s common to see draw options around 3/1 odds. That’s a 25% probability at the end of the day. It’s common for the HT Draw to be around the 11/10 odds which is roughly a 48% probability.