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The Best Betting Tipsters Football Competition

The Best Betting Tipsters Football Competition

There is a lot to enjoy about picking up profit thro Houdini Predictions has high-quality football tips today for punters to look at, and that’s both pre-match and excitingly, live in-play betting tips as well. But what else can punters do with free football tips?
The answer to that is to join in the Houdini Predictions Tipster Competition and play not only for bragging rights but also for cash prizes.

Free Betting Tipsters Football Competition

Every month at Houdini Predictions, a round of our betting Tipster competition is played.
This is part of the great experience that Houdini Predictions serves up because just like the Tipster Competition, everything else on the site is free.
It’s free to register on the site, it’s free to play and every high-quality football betting tip that is on the site is, of course, provided free.
So what does access to all those free football bets mean for the Tipster Competition?

How it works

The Tipster Competition at Houdini Predictions is based on the high-ratio football tips that anyone can find on the page.
Up to six new betting tips are listed each day on the website. Those are the very best tips that our research has produced.
From the list of daily tips that are available, a player can select up to the three of them, including options such as Match Outright and Over/Under Goals.
If a prediction that you have made turns out to be correct then you will earn the net profit for that bet as points towards your leaderboard tally.
Note that this is only a points-based system, no real money is being bet at Houdini Predictions. No actual bet on football games is being placed.

Example Selection

One selection is made from the Houdini football tips today of an away win for Chelsea in the Premier League at 2.15 decimal odds.
Chelsea won their match and the stake was 10 units. 
So that’s 2.15 x 10 = 21.5
21.5 profit - 10 stake = 11.5 profit
So in this example of a bet on a free tip at those soccer odds, the profit of 11.5 would count towards your Tipster score.
What happens if the Tip loses? The stake that you put up for the football betting tip, is lost. That’s where the skill, confidence levels and balancing act of playing, comes in.

What is up for grabs?

There are seven monthly cash prizes (winnings are paid via PayPal or Skrill) that can be won in the Houdini Tipster Competition.
At least 20 active players have to be participating in a round of competition for the cash prizes to be paid out.
Don’t miss this opportunity to get in on the Tipster action at Houdini Predictions and you will have until the 10th of each month to join in the current contest.
Take a look at the top free tips and use your own skill and judgement of how to play them to climb that leaderboard.
See the website for the full rules for the Tipster Competition.

Seeing the stats

You can check out the stats of the players who are engaged in a competition by looking on the site. 
It is possible to see what a particular tipster has, for example, made on a Championship game from England, at what odds and at what stake.
Clicking on a user who is already registered in the competition, you can look at their current statistics, or all-time statistics to see their hit rate and total profit. 
As an example, prize winner in July 2021 IVAN landed a 51.52% hit rate during the month, securing 32% total profit.
Looking at the statistics of a player you can see whether they are trending with current accurate picks.
Like an in-form football team, you can follow an in-form tipster and be guided with your betting by following their tips.

free football tips

The Houdini Tips

The tips that are provided on the site have been thoroughly researched and only the strongest selections rise to the top and are displayed after thorough scrutiny.
It’s more than 5000 teams that are considered for our free football bets from across more than 200 different leagues.
Considering that only a very small fraction of those get listed per day, shows how serious we are about the quality and care that we put into the selections.
So while the Houdini Predictions Tipster competition does not involve any real-money bet on football games (the profit from correct tips being used as points for the leaderboard) those same picks can still be used to further your football betting in the UK.
You can, of course, take one of the high-quality predictions that are provided and use it for your football betting at a highly reputable and trusted online bookmaker.