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Picking the best football odd 4 sure wins

Picking the best football odd 4 sure wins

Houdini Predictions offers football betting predictions that can be used for straight single wins or sure bets. On the site, there are tips for selected matches, up to six of the best offered per day. All of the bets on the site are free to explore as well.

For the production of the betting predictions from the Premier League to the Copa America, Houdini Predictions continuously scours stats, monitors teams and dropping odds for sure win football predictions.

The quest for sure bets

There are a couple of definitions of a sure bet when it comes to football betting. One is the more complicated method when you take a sporting event, say a top match from England and place a calculated stake on each of the different outcomes.

Real sure bets can be created, but they are types of bets that are pretty involved. It is basically finding a way to back all outcomes of a sporting event, so that no matter the result, a return will be earned. Sometimes that return is just enough to reclaim the overall outlay that has been played on all of the bets.

The other definition in football betting of a sure bet is more aligned with the high-quality, high-yield free betting tips that can be found at Houdini Predictions. Another way that a sure bet can be described is simply being a selection that has a high probability of winning.

What are the odd 4 sure wins for football betting?

What comes along with a selection that has a high probability of happening? Short odds on the favourite usually. Unfavourable odds like 1/4 on a match favourite are common features of real sure bets in football betting. If for example, you are looking in the range of picks that have an 80% chance of winning, that probability converted to odds is 1/4.

So those odds on the selection are so short that they are not really worth backing and of course, it means that the underdog in such a scenario is pretty much a no-go for wagering.

So picking the best odd 4 sure wins is what the goal of Houdini Predictions is, catching market selections before droppingodds take away the value. Finding those best selections daily, but those which come with good, playable odds for the punter. Sometimes that is the underdog in the right circumstances, sometimes it is the draw. But free big odds sure football tips are the driving force behind the picks at Houdini Predictions.


How do you spot sure bets?

The next question is how to spot sure bets? For sure bets, you need a starting point. One of the free daily tips that Houdini Predictions offers could be such a thing. You could take that prediction and put it in a straight single, treating it as a simple sure bet with a high probability.

It could also be used for a real sure bet which needs the biggest differences between odds from different bookmakers to work in your favor to create a situation. It would be taking the odds from the football tip and then moving forward to figure out how to build the rest of the sure bet.

Given that the tip has been heavily researched before ever finding the way to the site, then it could serve as the backbone for a sure bet. A Houdini Predictions tip, again which focuses on free big odds sure bet picks, could be a key element so that you don’t have to trawl through coupons yourself trying to find a sure bet selection.

Free sure bet tips

All of the football betting tips are free at Houdini Predictions, which is an important factor in how to make money gambling when using predictions. If you have to pay for a betting tip, then any winnings from it would come at the price of whatever was paid for the tip.

That is not something to be worried about at Houdini Predictions because the pre-match and live in-play betting tips are all free. Just register and you can get in on the action! At the end of the day, there is no guaranteed way to make money from gambling, but there are general pointers to follow to try and increase your chances.

That’s studying form and statistics, betting with your head not your heart and keeping up to date with the latest sports news, which are all major factors. Using picks which provide top odd 4 sure wins predictions as well can help cut through the noise to focus attention on more likely winners.