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How Free Football Betting Predictions can help

How Free Football Betting Predictions can help

Day or night, seven days a week, 365 days a year, somewhere in the world football matches are being played. That may be a big Saturday of action from the Premier League in England, or midweek UEFA Champions League action. It could be an Australian A-League game or maybe a cup fixture from Peru.

When it comes to football betting, it doesn’t really matter what the specific game is. If it appears in the sportsbook of a UK bookmaker then those odds are there to be explored. That’s the key thing about football betting.

As long as you can apply some statistical background to a match to help guide your wagering decision, then the match, be it from Japan, New Zealand or Germany, becomes a viable option. Football betting is just about picking a potentially rewarding correct outcome from a match even if that is looking at football draws today.

Is it important whether that match is Liverpool v Manchester United from the Premier League or River Plate v Boca Juniors from Argentina? No. It’s just about finding the best value odds for football betting on that match.

Getting a variety of tips the easy way

A lot of punters only stick to one or two competitions for football betting. Why? That’s because it is a way to familiarize yourself with a bunch of teams who all play each other frequently. That can be useful leverage for football betting because studying just the German Bundesliga week after week, for example, will allow you to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of teams.

That’s good knowledge to put towards football bet opportunities. But even breaking things down to just one league, there is not always time to put the research together needed to make the best selections for wagering on football.

Sometimes there are just too many statistics to wade through and you can’t catch everything you need to. Because of the high volume of matches, it’s easy to miss some opportunities and this is where free football betting predictions play a key role.

The best weekend football fixtures predictions

Although more and more midweek action has crept into the modern game, the bulk of top fixtures are played on the weekend. With such a massive cluster of matches in the space of two days, that can add a lot of pressure on a punter for weekend football fixtures predictions over which bets to make.

But with a service working for you that cuts through all of the leagues, researching over 250 competitions from across the world to deliver just a handful of weekend football fixtures predictions, means that you don’t have to spend time sifting through all the data yourself.

Each day Houdini Predictions provides up to six of the very best football betting tips from around the globe. This isn’t geared by just picking the obvious strong favourites in matches. The picks are designed to search for value bets, to make the bolder plays like football draws today, and by making the most of things like dropping odds to analyse the best picks.


See what Houdini Predictions can do

The high-quality free football betting predictions that Houdini Predictions present are all free. That’s free football betting tips every day for you to consider for your wagering. Not only is it pre-match football tips we are talking about, but also thrown into the mix is the unique attraction that is in-play betting tips, right as the action is unfolding on the pitch.

Sign up for free at Houdini Predictions for the tips. There is even more insight on the website as well, with the Punters Competition. Registered players make their predictions based on the selected matches that Houdini Predictions presents, and play for cash prizes by climbing as high up the leaderboard as possible.

With that, it is possible to track tipsters who are on a hot streak of form. The betting profiles and all statistics of players can be seen, adding further options for punters to weigh up.