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Getting the best tips for football betting this weekend

Getting the best tips for football betting this weekend

Many different factors come into play when thinking about how to make money gambling from the weekend’s football matches. There are a lot of different matches to look through and then a punter is faced with a huge range of different bet types for each match.

A further factor that plays into decision making is ensuring that the odds that you decide to play at least offer some reasonable value. There’s not a lot of point just backing a favourite if they are a long odds-on quote of something like 1/6 to win a match.

So that is where looking at some tips for football betting this weekend can help out. The free tips at Houdini Predictions are heavily researched and based on statistics. That allows punters to look at a few select football betting tips each day because they are, once all of the analysis is done, the best tips.

What are the best football tips?

Football betting tips can help point you in the right direction of how to approach betting on the weekend. Good football tips simplify things, as it means that you don’t have to sit there piling through a ton of statistics from UK football just to make one bet.

High-quality tips will come from a site that doesn’t just list tip after tip. What can you really do with an exhausting list of tips for every single match played in England on a Saturday afternoon? Not a lot, because it doesn’t give you any direction, no clue about which are the stronger tips.

Instead, a few carefully researched high-quality tips are likely going to offer a punter a lot more. That’s because they are focused and it’s important to pull the best tips for the weekend from sources like Houdini Predictions. Why? Because results of tips, win or lose are visible so you can track success rates.

Free Tips for strong performance

There are many football tip websites available on the internet, some of them charge fees to get their tips. Not at Houdini Predictions where all the best football tips are free. There are pre-match and live in-play free tips to look at on the site.

But another big angle of approach when it comes to making a bet on football games is to see what other punters are doing. The mind hive can be a powerful thing. Look through tipsters on the website taking part in the Houdini Predictions Tipster Contest. Search for those who have a high win percentage and if you see many of the top tipsters all making the same football tip recommendation, then it may be worth considering.

FAQS about making a bet on football games

Next, we take a look at some common questions that are asked about tips for football betting this weekend.

How do I win a bet every time?

You can’t. This isn’t a thing. While you can learn how to make money from betting, there is no guaranteed way to win every bet. Think of an underdog who was given no chance by a bookmaker, winning a match. Even if you were to back only odds-on favourites, you wouldn’t win every time. Betting tips for the weekend can help, but nothing is guaranteed.

Can betting make you rich?

That will depend on your definition of rich and of course, how much you can afford to lose. Gambling is risk-oriented. There’s no set way to make money gambling and get rich

How can I be successful in betting?

Different punters approach betting in widely different manners and that versatility is a nice thing as it allows people to express themselves. Being successful in betting is subjective. Some punters only play small stakes on favourites, others like going for the big odds, while some stick to only certain markets and try to win through multis. Some simple pointers for successful betting are to manage the bankroll, never risk more than you can afford to lose and to familiarise yourself with statistics.


What’s the best thing to bet on?

As with most things in life, keeping things simple is a good approach. When it comes to betting, it’s not uncommon to find more than 150 betting options available for a single football match in England. That’s a lot. But there is nothing wrong with match outrights and other staples for football betting, things like Over/Under 2.5 goals and Half Time bets. Look for markets that are easy to spot trends in when looking at the stats and avoid the highly unpredictable markets like Correct Score of the First goalscorer.

How can I research a football bet?

Researching football betting doesn’t have to be too tricky. Look at a good league table and consider things like the respective form of the home and away teams. Look for streaks in current form to see for example, if the away team consistently earns clean sheets on the road. Look at head to head records, injury lists, current sports news. Statistics is the way to research a football bet. If that’s a lot, then look for some high-quality football tips for weekend betting.