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Houdini Predictions delivers the best free football super tips


Football is all about cheering on our team, roaring them on towards success out on the pitch.
Off the pitch, punters will cheer themselves on for success in the search for successful wagers.
Here are Houdini Predictions, we understand the beautiful game and we understand betting, which is why we can provide quality football betting tips.
But not all football betting tips are equal.

At Houdini Predictions, we go that extra mile.
We put in that extra hour on the training field if you like, to ensure that we are delivering the very best free football super tips that we possibly can.

High-quality free football super tips

When we mean free, we really mean free tips. Unlike other tipping services that are available, every single tip that can be found on Houdini Predictions is free.
This is all to try and maneuver you, the punter, into the best possible position in which to try and take on the bookmakers.
Why free tips you may ask? It’s simply about the betting profit. It’s all about the betting profit.

Having to pay for tips upfront, immediately cuts away at any potential overall profit that could come from them.
But that is something that you don't have to worry about on this site.
You can simply take the information from the free betting tips at Houdini Predictions and integrate them into your own betting.

No charges, no strings attached.
There are tips delivered every day on our website, so you get the daily dose of our top selections.
We pull together the football betting tips that are delivering that fine balance that punters are looking for.
We are talking about the quality of odds in value bets, where we feel that the bookmaker has perhaps underrated an outcome in a game.

To do this we are looking at over 230 leagues from across the globe daily.
To put that into the further context of the work that we do to deliver our football super tips, that is more than 5,000 teams covered.
Out of all that in-depth research for football tips today, we provide up to six daily selections.

Those will be the strongest tips with the best value that we can pull out of the data that has been calculated. That’s a whole lot of time-saving work that has been done for you.




A realistic approach to football betting tips

It is important to understand that there is no such thing as a dead-cert bet. We are not going to claim that every pick that we make is going to win.
It’s like the football manager sitting in his office trying to come up with the best team selection and tactics for the day.
There are no guarantees that out on the pitch that everything will go according to plan. Things like chance and unforeseen variables come into play.

So even if a pick doesn’t come up during our weekend football fixtures predictions, it’s part of the reality of betting.
The free football super tips at Houdini Predictions are based on statistical output, determining the outcomes which have a high-percentage chance of happening with some odds-value attached.

So here is where the Houdin live prediction site comes into play for you.
Our best betting tips are those that wagers that get the green light for value and not through outrageous long-odds options.
We are trying to pick out those value selections which may simply be a home win at a 1.31 odds on a match from the Championship.

Or it could be a 1.88 away day selection from a Premier League match in our weekend football fixtures predictions.
This is not about the unpragmatic big gamble on an underdog pulling off a shock result. Nor is about continuously backing long-priced odds-on favourites to win their fixtures.

The approach we take to our free football super tips is a nod towards the slower steady profit over a longer period.
Remember that everything that you see on the site is free football tips.
That’s what we deal with, presenting clear picks to try and push you towards squeezing every drop of value that you want from your returns.

So that’s what it is all about. We are not asking you for money, we are trying to get some into your pocket.
To that end, along with our daily dose of football betting tips, Houdini Predictions also runs a Tipster contest with monthly cash prizes.
So moving forward with your football betting, let our free football super tips today help guide the way.