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Top 5 Football Betting Sites UK


We are going to look at the Top 5 football betting sites in the UK. The purpose is to help
punters find the tools that can help them take on the bookmakers.
So this is not just another full review of one bookmaker after another, because there is a lot
more to football betting than just putting some money down on a bet.
There is the statistical analysis upfront that needs to be done, as well as having to look
around to find the best odds than you can get for your bet.
So instead, we are going to look at the best football betting sites in the UK that are going to
help punters with the overall picture of football betting.
We will, of course, throw in some bookmaker recommendations as nothing would happen
without them.
So here are our top 5 football betting sites.



1)Houdini Predictions betting site UK

Sometimes you just get a little stuck in knowing which way to swing a football bet.
Fortunately, Houdini Predictions is there to help out.
This is a site that offers betting tips and they also offer a unique angle by being the only UK
football betting site that offers live in-play predictions.
That positive feature allows punters to go beyond the static pre-match markets and try to
take on the bookmakers while games are still in play. That’s a bit of a game changer.
Houdini Predictions look at well over 230 competitions from around the world and present
their daily best football tips and inplay football tips.
The best thing of all is that the tips are completely free, both pre-match and inplay



You have a sports betting tip in hand and you may want to go and shop around for the best
possible odds that you can get your hands on for that particular selection.
It’s impractical of course to go and manually look through all of the football betting sites
UK that are out there. That would be a lot of bookmakers to cover.
So that’s where Oddschecker comes in. The site covers all the top bookmakers and stacks
their odds up against each other.
So with that are your fingertips, you can be assured of where to go to get the very best odds.
That little extra on the odds for a bet can go a long way when it comes to returning profit and
Oddschecker is invaluable for that.



Yes, we do have to make a bookmaker recommendation on our list of Top 5 football betting
sites UK.
One of the best football betting sites around is Bet365 who provide top-notch service for
One of the big things about the operator is just how extensive the sportsbook is. That means
that football matches from all around the world can be explored. But it’s not just that.
The betting variety that is within each of the matches is fantastic and they also boast one of
the best in-play betting platforms around.
Punters can find an absolute stack of pre-match and live in-play markets available. On top of
all that they do offer live streams and football betting promotions as well.
So you can watch some action and enjoy live inplay football betting at the same time. Bet365
are one of the most highly recommended and tested betting platforms online.



If you do like your own football stats and want to explore deeper into the heavy analysis side
of things, then Soccerstats is a great resource to have a look at.
They present football leagues from all around the world and break it all down into statistical
data from the timing of goals, to head to head records, form and so much more.
There is an absolute wealth of historical data on the site as well as current, up to date results
and standings.
Just the sheer depth of statistics on the sites puts it on the list as one of the best football
betting sites.


5)William Hill

We are going to round off with a look at one more bookmaker in our top 5 football betting
sites UK article.
That is because of the long, trusted history of William Hill, both on the High Street and
They are one of the big major players in the industry and therefore are a trustworthy brand
and offer a high-quality website and host a fantastic sportsbook with an extensive football
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