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Big Odds Tips

Big Odds Tips

Is it better for Big Odds or Low Odds ?

The most important aspect when it comes to betting on sport is finding the best possible odds. If you can find the best possible odds, then your bank balance could be a lot healthier. Shopping around for the best big odds tips is one of the biggest factors that professional gamblers look for when they are betting.


They will shop around to find the best value on their bet to ensure that when they win, they win more. There is nothing more annoying than winning a bet only to find that you could have won more by making your bet somewhere else. Maximizing your returns could also be reached by finding the best market for your bet. Here are some of the better markets that you should look for to ensure that you can win more.


Big Odds Tips


Double Chance Prediction


Making a double chance prediction is one of the under utilized betting markets among punters, but there is good value to had in this market. However, punters should be careful at what fixtures they should be using this betting market for. For example, in a big fixture between Manchester City and Liverpool; this may not be the best game for this betting market.


However, a fixture such as Norwich City vs Manchester United would be a good fixture to utilize this market. That is because you can cover the shock Norwich win as well as the draw. That would cover the two bigger priced outcomes and should it happen then you could have significant returns.


Over/Under Prediction


One of the most popular markets for big odds tips is the over and under markets. This revolves around predicting whether there will be more or less of a certain aspect within the game. This could revolve around the number of goals, corners or cards. A benchmark will be set by the sportsbook and the punter will predict whether the outcome will be higher or lower than the number set by the sportsbook.


For example, a sportsbook may set a benchmark or 2.5 for goals for a fixture between Sheffield United and Manchester United. Punters can put their stake on over if they think there will be three goals or more, while they would bet on under if they believe there will be no more than two goals. It can present excellent big odds tips for punters as there could be trends that could make it a lucrative bet.


Big Chance Prediction

Next Goalscorer / Yellow Card


Another interesting market that punters can get great value from is predicting the name of the player that will score the next goal or receive the next yellow card. This makes for an interesting market for punters as it will immediately increase the interest in the games. However, there is more research that must go into this betting market to ensure that you take advantage of the big odds tips.


This is the most lucrative of all the markets that we have spoken about and makes for an interesting proposition for punters since they could have heavier pockets after betting on this market. The most crucial aspect that punters must research is each individual player. They should look at how many goals the players have scored this season, and whether they have any trends going against them.


That will include players being on a long drought. For instance, Teemu Pukki is Norwich’s leading striker, but if he hasn’t scored for seven games, then there wouldn’t be much sense in betting on him to score since his form hasn’t been consistent. The form of players is essential when betting on the goalscorer markets, while the position and the disciplinary record is crucial research for the yellow card markets.