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Big Odds in football betting are not out of reach

Big Odds in football betting are not out of reach

For anyone that has ever dipped their toes into the waters of football betting, the dream of landing a selection at big odds will have cropped up at some point. Almost every punter has imagined backing a big underdog to win a match, but actually doing it is something that is a lot easier said than done.

While all sports betting boils down to the whims of Lady Luck at the end of the day, there is skill in picking out, for example, a big match day underdog in Premier League odds from England.

A relegation-threatened team playing away at a title-challenger would surely be a foregone conclusion, right? Well, not always.

Don’t leave it to Lady Luck

You could of course just look down the coupon for the day’s football betting and randomly pick out a big-priced underdog that you see. But with no basis for such a selection other than crossing your fingers and hoping for good fortune, it’s not a smart betting approach to take.

Making a play for longer odds when it comes to single selections in soccer bets, is a finely nuanced, calculated play. Current form has to be studied, team news has to be assessed and the odds on offer have to align with your perception of what a value bet would be. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.


A helping hand

The tips at Houdini Predictions are expertly crafted selections that size up football betting markets from around the world, trying to catch prime selections before dropping odds creep into the picture. Big odds on a football bet from England for example, could be catching a favourite while they are 11/10 in a market before they shorten to 8/11.

It’s not a major difference, but a significant one. The market move itself indicates that the bet outcome is strong, and it’s better to catch the bet at the initial bigger odds. There are occasions when an underdog fits the bill or even times when the statistics point to the draw.

Studying all that form can be time-consuming. But at Houdini Predictions, the expert daily football tips all come after that stage. So as a punter, you can just visit the site, log in and see what the top picks, out of all the football matches that are happening on the day, have been rated as the best quality.

Getting creative with big odds

There are many ways to think about big odds in football betting. Another is by combining selections. If there are a couple of the day’s top Houdini Predictions football tips that you want to follow, consider a Double on them, or pulling even more picks together into something like an acca.

The tipster section at Houdini Predictions, in which punters play for cash prizes, is a further well of information about the perceived strengths of football betting tips. Use as many tools as you can to make your selections for a strong big odds bet.

At the end of the day, any bet that starts lengthening in odds is going to get riskier than anything priced up at odds-on. That’s how the entire betting system works. But it doesn’t mean that bets with long odds are inaccessible and unapproachable for football betting. Part of the Houdini Predictions plan is seeking out bolder odds.

Strive to thrive

It is possible to catch a football team that has been underrated by a bookmaker to go and win a match. Multi bets can be created from one very strong home pick in a match for example, and then adding conditions like clean sheets and over/under to it to push for bigger odds.
You don’t have to be boxed in with your football betting, strive for bigger and better. Houdini Predictions, with quality pre-match and unique live in-play betting tips can help nudge you towards the bigger odds successes.