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Houdini Predictions the perfect place for all your betting tips today

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Here at Houdini Football predictions, we are the only football betting prediction website that gives you odds on every match from over 230 leagues and over 5000 teams around the world and we only take the best six betting matches for you to look at for your betting tips today. Add to that, we take the football matches that have the highest ratios so that you can get great returns on your odds with the best betting tips today available to you. Our site is free and literally anyone can use it. On our site we also have live recommendations going on matches so you can get the best up to date odds. Some other sites have been found to be misleading and unreliable but not us! Even when we do not hit any football result. Other betting sites can cost you money but not here, we are completely free and here at Houdini Football predictions, we want to give you the best possible chance of winning.

So, for example Houdini Predictions gives you so many choices when it comes to betting odds for football matches that it is unparalleled. As I mentioned before we cover 230 leagues and 5000 teams so no matter where you are from there will always be odds on the teams you care about. 


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Why choose to get your football betting tips today from Houdini?

To put it simply we have every need covered. You want to see the latest betting odds for Crawley Town in EFL League two? Or perhaps you want to see Charlton Athletics’ odds for their League two clash at the weekend then look no further than Houdini Predictions. We cover all the lower leagues as well as Europe’s top 5 leagues in the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, LA Liga, or Ligue 1 so no matter who you want to bet on we have gathered all the necessary information for you to make an informed decision about your weekend football bets.


What other features can you expect from Houdini Football Predictions?

Aside from all our latest odds on every match, there are other fun things that you can jump into on our site too. We have a Tipster contest where you can enter for free and have a chance at some fabulous prizes. We have Football Betting Tips Today which is where we go through all the information we gather and give you our six best games to wager on, going by the odds. For example todays Liverpool v Leicester City game in the Premier League is one of our six football betting predictions and Liverpool are heavy favourites but with their injuries Houdini gives you great odds for Leicester City to come away with a win or even draw at Anfield.

Another cool feature that Houdini Predictions have is the Football Live Betting Tips section. This is where we give you great odds on football matches that are currently being played live with up to date odds for both teams at real time, how good is that!


Why is Houdini Predictions a good choice for your betting tips today?

This site is good for all people who love to bet on their beloved football team or if you just love football in general. This is because you can literally see odds for every game in every tier in your chosen league. For example here in England, you can see all the odds for every League Two, League One, Championship and of course the Premier League so we literally have you covered for anything you need when you are looking at making your selections for the weekends games.

With our easy to navigate home page you can find the match or team you are after with minimal fuss so you can make all the selections you want without having to worry if you will get your wager in on time. For the best free football super tips look no further than Houdini Predictions to give you the best possible odds.